The Velvet Underground - White Light/White Heat
Sep 10, 2022
NOTE: Since school is starting in a couple days and I won't have nearly enough time to write as much as I am now, I'll be trying to write shorter, more compact reviews.

This being my first real experience with The Velvet Underground and knowing that it's basically the birthplace of noise rock, I wasn't sure what to expect, but MAN did this album deliver!

From the jagged and sprawling riffs that plague "Sister Ray" to the sweet and gentle progression on "Here She Comes Now", this album is a wild ride from start to finish. The fact that this came out in 1968 is absolutely mind-boggling, as the experimentation is completely off-the-wall. While the production is definitely indicative of the times, I actually believe the crappiness and crunchiness of the mixing helps give power to the dirty and noisy instrumentals. If the record had a more polished sound it simply wouldn't feel right. Lou Reed's vocals can go from contained and caring to wild and unstable, making him an amazing frontman for the band. His exaggerated, silly vocal runs on "I Heard Her Call My Name" just give the song so much character and charm that it's kind of impossible to not have fun.

I've listened to this a couple times already and it's just great from front to back. Though it's not as insane, engaging or incredible as I was expecting it to be, it's still a very worthwhile listen, jam-packed with ambition and charisma.

Favorite tracks: The Gift, I Heard Her Call My Name, Sister Ray
Least favorite track: Here She Comes Now

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