Oct 19, 2019
Possibly my favorite album from a newcomer this year. Her voice is quite unique and the instrumentals are so good.


1. Bones
2. Ride
3. Circles
Oct 6, 2019
Simply perfection just like the film.
Sep 12, 2019

1. Une Annee Sans Lumiere
2. Neighborhood #4 (7 Kettles)
3. Rebellion
4. Crown of Love


1. Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)
2. In the Backseat
3. Wake Up
Sep 6, 2019
This is so much better than 'The Pains of Growing'. This one doesn't consist of songs that sound the same. It's great.


1. October
2. What's On Your Mind?
3. Ready
Aug 22, 2019
Taylor really started the record with one of her worst songs. Good thing it's the only song I really hated. This record ties 1989 as her best works for me.

1. Cornelia Street
2. I Think He Knows
3. Soon You'll Get Better
4. The Archer
5. Paper Hearts
6. Afterglow
7. Daylight
8. Lover

1. I Forgot That You Existed
Aug 15, 2019*
Sophomore slump doesn't exist on our vaping pope.

1. Princess Leia
2. Forever
3. Religion (u can lay your hands on me)
4. Flyin'

1. Skyline, be mine - a little overproduced for my taste.
2. Tommy
Aug 2, 2019
It's not better than Step I, but this one has probably the best outro song of any album I've ever heard.
Aug 2, 2019
Wish the rest of the album sounded like 'Bags' or 'Sophia' but most of them were more like her old work. They all sounded the same to me.
May 20, 2019
Thank you for elevating the show with your music, Ramin Djawadi.
May 16, 2019
It's not 'Emotion' but I thought the production here is a bit better. I just wish some of the songs aren't so repetitive.


1. Now That I Found You
2. Feels Right
3. Julien
4. Too Much
5. Right Words Wrong Time
6. Real Love


1. For Sure
2. No Drug Like Me
3. The Sound
May 3, 2019
This band is a breath of fresh air for me and so is this album.


1. Devotion
2. Remember
3. All Night
4. Violet a Voyager
Mar 28, 2019
Was expecting 90% of the songs to sound the same but it wasn't. Some of y'all gotta stop hating just because she's way too popular.
Mar 7, 2019*
Really enjoyed this album a lot but boy, I can't imagine what this girl can produce once she improves her songwriting.


1. In Vain (this was an experience)
2. Strangers
3. Dynamite
4. Sucker Punch
5. Don't Kill My Vibe


1. Business Dinners

edit: 'Basic' is a bop. I was an idiot.
Feb 13, 2019
Was expecting more upbeat songs since she just released "Dumb Blonde" as a single nearly right before the album release. I've been bamboozled. Can't complain, though, since I've missed my Canadian queen.


1. It Was In Me
2. Tell Me It's Over
3. Birdie
4. Dumb Blonde
5. Warrior


1. I Fell In Love With The Devil (wtf is this, Avril?)
Jan 25, 2019
When I grow up, I wanna be as powerful as Julia's voice.
Jan 18, 2019
*bad songs left the chat*
Dec 30, 2018
I have no words.

Nov 30, 2018
Yeah, can't disagree with people saying the songs sound the same but I think the worst thing about the album is having two artists who don't mesh well together.

The singles were still good, though.
Nov 30, 2018
Most of the songs sounded the same.

1. I Don't Want To
2. Out of Love
3. Easier Said
4. Not Today

The rest are either okay or forgettable.
Nov 26, 2018
Don't let my positive rating fool you. I just like the majority of it, but boy this album has some of the worst songs I've heard in a long while. I mean why would an artist still use autotune when they can sing really well without it? No, it's not an artistic choice. They're just being dumb. Please stop it.

The singles were great except 'Give Yourself A Try'(oh god, wtf is this song?), but the rest is either so bad or just alright.

1. It's Not Living (If It's Not With You) (One of ... read more
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