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MikeOwen -
As a Catholic, one of the things that really frustrates me is the lack of genuinely good Christian music. While there is no shortage of brilliant records with Christian themes and imagery, as far as I know there are few quality projects that are fully committed to this theme. CCM is definitely one of the prevalent genres in the USA right now, but from what I've heard of it there is little depth, nuance or mystery about it, let alone sonic quality. This might be subconsciously triggered by a ... read more

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MikeOwen -
The Collective Collaborative Review #12: Flamingooooo's pick

I think I should just listen to every Finnish folk record Flamingo has given a positive rating to, I have not been let down thus far.

This album feels quite distinctively homemade and warm - sometimes it feels like it shouldn’t be so but it still does, even at its bleakest moments. “Nukkuu” was recorded during Lau Nau’s child’s naps, and is simultaneously everything you might expect from an album with a ... read more
MikeOwen -
The Collective Collaborative Review #11: Tristan's pick

This will just be a short review since I don't really know what to say about this album, other than that it's great and really worth checking out. It feels like the audio version of one of the sci-fi films that end up ageing really well. It's quite foreboding and sombre, full of hypnotic repetition and fascinating textural layers. The pacing is also great - as a general rule, Underworld know how long they can sustain their ideas and fully ... read more
MikeOwen -
The Collective Collaborative Review #10: My Pick

Mount Kimbie are one of my favourite groups of all time. I found out about them thanks to James Blake’s contributions to their latest album “Love What Survives”, and have since come to hold all of their records very close to my heart; their music caused me to reevaluate what I looked for in electronic music, with their somewhat understated, frequently low-key and apparently minimalist approach. I've read that they pioneered the ... read more
MikeOwen -
The Collective Collaborative Review #9: MattsReviews’s Pick

This is the first record for the Collective I’ve already heard, and incidentally one of the most important hip hop records regarding the development of my taste in music.

Quite soon after I first really started visiting this site, clipping.’s third album “There Existed an Addiction to Blood” was prominently featured in the “highly anticipated” section for a while, and considering the early ... read more
MikeOwen -
I've found myself surprised by this record in a way that I didn't expect.
I'll start this review off with a baseline thing: Evgeni Koroliov does a great job of performing this. I haven't consciously heard his work before, but he's clearly a very technically accomplished pianist and interprets these pieces with clarity and beauty. But the reason why I'm making this review is because it's given me something of a realisation. I rarely ever listen to classical music (I'll use the term ... read more


Apr 26, 2021
hello, to celebrate reaching 1000 followers, i will be making a community list. for this list, all you have to do is tell me the album you have the most fun listening to. it doesn’t have to be a “masterpiece” or have wonderful songwriting or anything. it just needs to be enjoyable to you. thanks
Apr 16, 2021
thank youuuuuu <3333
Apr 15, 2021
Hey MikeOwen, I'm doing a community list of songs to hypothetically replace the U.S. National Anthem, would love to hear what your suggestion is and why you think it's deserving of anthem status (you don't need an explanation, but it would be nice :))

link to the list in question:
Apr 15, 2021
Congrats on 200!!!!
Apr 11, 2021
I really enjoyed Tyron, it has so many bangers! With that said, you reminded me that it’s been a while since I listened to it. I’m due for some bangers Tyron-style!
Apr 10, 2021
Hi. What is your favourite album to listen to when intoxicated (for a list)
Mar 25, 2021
Hey dude, list has finally been posted, go and check it out, and thank you for participating :)
Mar 20, 2021
hi! hope ur having a great spring break!

im making a community list, and the main idea is "if albums were to be personified as people, which one would you most want to be friends with and why?" Thank You :)
Mar 20, 2021
You really do seem like a fantastic reviewer. Thank you for checking out my profile, I really enjoy your reviews. Detailed and thoughtful :)


Not too many controversial opinions. I give ratings in increments of 5 (precise scores for π™π™π™š π˜Ύπ™€π™‘π™‘π™šπ™˜π™©π™žπ™«π™š can be found at the bottom of the review). Being a little harsher with ratings this year's releases. Feel free to recommend me stuff.

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