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Dec 13, 2019
Honestly, I almost can't believe that I had enough time today to fit in 3 whole new albums (and I listened to the Stormzy one twice) on a pretty packed day for me. Anyway, I'm not quite sure why I listened to BUBBO: I just saw it on the new music release thing and I'd never heard of the Kaytranda. The only plausible explanation would be it's odd album cover (I've got a reputation among my friends of liking weird cover art). It was pretty enjoyable, and is competent and fun fusion of electronic ... read more
Dec 13, 2019*
With his second studio album, UK rap/grime artist Stormzy returns with an excellent record which successfully incorporates both more melancholy and upbeat production and lyrics. It's not the most creative UK rap album to come out this year, but it is an accomplished, well written and enjoyable one which will cement Stormzy's place among the greats of the UK hop hop scene.
Dec 11, 2019
Anyone here has almost definitely come from the same video (the James Acaster one on the Fantano channel). I'd have never heard of this project had I not watched the video, and I'm so glad I did: it's one of the most adventurous and unique albums I've heard in a long time. It's a really well-made fusion of oriental music, hip hop and jazz that makes for a compelling and disconcerting listen. I can see myself returning to this one. Thanks James!
Dec 9, 2019
A few days ago I noticed that I haven't got a single rating under 65, so I dared myself to change that. And yeah, as I expected, this album is bad. It wasn't even particularly sonically offensive, it was sonically...boring. At this point Eminem seems literally incapable of creating a song that isn't woefully generic or littered with poor production choices which overshadow the handful of good elements. He disses various "mumble rappers" while failing to perform well himself (his ... read more
Dec 4, 2019
I've been wanting to check out this album for ages, and now that it's back on Spotify, I can finally check it out. I'd only listened to "No Church In the Wild" beforehand, which was a brilliant song, so was hoping that the rest of it lived up to my expectation.

Mostly yes. It was an incredibly solid, somewhat outdated, but very enjoyable record. It has a number of real memorable standouts, such as "N***** in Paris", the aforementioned "No Church In the Wild" and ... read more
Dec 8, 2019
Here are some of my favorite WORST albums i’ve ever reviewed!
Nostalgia Critic - Nostalgia Critic’s The Wall
Tyga - Legendary
Emerson Lake and Palmer - Love Beach
Can’t wait to see your opinions!!
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