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Sonic Youth / I.C.P. / The Ex - In the Fishtank 9
Sonic Youth, The Ex & ICP Orchestra
In the Fishtank 9
21h ago
Evan Parker, Derek Bailey & Han Bennink - The Topography of the Lungs
Derek Bailey, Evan Parker & Han Bennink
The Topography of the Lungs
Feb 25

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XTC - Skylarking
Skylarking manages to harness that drug filled energy that so many 60’s psychedelic pop bands brought in the best way possible. The heavy, dense and vibrant instrumentation transports me to this journey through an idealistic vibrant jungle. The album opens with the sounds of birds chirping as the instrumentation slowly fades in on the track “Summer’s Cauldron”. The song starts almost sounding like it’s hazed and confused about this energetic world that surrounds ... read more


nah its all good you can tweak all you like dont let my silly little challenge get in the way- heartbroken kagayaki was taken off th list tho was so excited to listen... 😢 if only there was another way
Pinning down a favorite album from the list is difficult, but it probably would go to Daughter of Darkness. Ape of Naples, SAW II, Conet Project, Aeroplane Over the Sea, Electro-Shock Blues, Soundtracks for the Blind, cLOUDDEAD, Mouths Trapped in Static, and some others are all honorable mentions for sure.
Least favorite was probably Hatred for Mankind.

Reconstruction Site was indeed a recommendation from nah_
There's not a ton I could add to my original comment about it, but yeah, it's an absolutely unreal album.

Really incredible album selection overall. Don't think there's a single one on there that I actively disliked.
I'll probably end up checking out most of your remaining 8.5+ rated albums down the line, especially since there aren't too many left.
Fifty Foot Hose's Cauldron reminded me of the band The United States of America and early Gong. Although I give them credit for being one of the first bands to mix electronics and rock in America, I think the other mentioned bands did it slightly better. For a psychedelic record, it could have been a little more weirder. Nevertheless, I loved their distinctive sound on this project and enjoyed their experimentation. I am surprised that the band is not mentioned on the NWW list.

If I remember correctly, u had mixed feelings towards my last free improvisation rec. Maybe if we mix it with European free jazz, u will have a more positive respond. While writing, I remembered that u are also not the biggest jazz fan but European free jazz is a different beast in comparison to American free jazz.

U can find it on YT:
> Still a good listen overall, I quite appreciated it, but I'm just left thinking about what could have been.

Maybe another of their +200min projects has the variation u are looking for. ;)

> Black Sand

This is also one of my fav krautrock tracks. Glad that this krautrock record worked better for u. We will find sth. that u will love. ^^

> I may recommend you some via this swap soon though

Do not hesitate. I am an open-minded listener. Even though I am not a huge Swift fan, I listen to her new projects bc someone at work likes her a lot. xD
Yep, you were
Thx. It is from Michelangelo Antonioni's Red Desert. ^^
I'm currently about halfway through that Conet Project album, and it's actually kind of unreal so far. I struggle to put into words just how imposing it all is. The microphones peaking without warning; the constant sounds of flickering and swelling coming from the machinery; the overlap of voices on some of the recordings; those dissonantly joyful melodies of music; I could go on. I still have a good bit to get through before I'm fully finished, but it's left a very strong impression so far. I really hope it stays at this quality.
Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)


Apologies if I gave something you like a low score. I ask you not to take it to heart, it's just my opinion. Art and my enjoyment of it is a nuanced topic that isn't easily conveyed in just a score. Even albums I give low scores to I respect and often enjoy parts of. ❤
If I don't like an album that's a fault within me, not a fault within the album.

A lot of scores our outdated and don't really reflect my current opinion, don't take it too seriously.

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