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Nas - Magic
Jan 6

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Milosummers -
This is the debut album Chicago born artist, activist and poet, Noname. Since her stunning 2016 mixtape ‘Telefone’, a lot has been upgraded in her music, but many of her music’s best aspects remain. Noname’s jazz influenced style makes for an amazing listen. This time round though her instrumentals take on a more acoustic style with tracks ranging from a lush string arrangement in ‘Window’ to a funk infused bass guitar and drums cut on ... read more

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Milosummers -
Twigs is back!! I only started listening to her recently but she’s quickly become one of my favourite artists. Twigs always gonna SERVE on these album covers though.

On the whole this mixtape isn’t perfect and could do with maybe a couple less interruptions in the music for just talking. However, Twigs has given us a set of great songs with great production, I love the beats on this, and an amazing feature list.

‘ride the dragon’ feels like futuristic medieval times ... read more
Milosummers -
So haunting….
I didn’t expect to enjoy this album as much as I did but Twigs knows how to convey an emotion through music. I found myself sitting in my bed crying to Cellophane for no particular reason yesterday. This is unlike anything I’ve heard before and is my first venture into art pop but it genuinely makes civets me to listen to this. The whole world she creates with these distorted and creepy sounds in combination with her aching vocals all over this album… ... read more
Milosummers -
This is one of my first experiences with The Weeknd, having only listened to House of Balloons once before this on recommendation of a Twitter friend but I thought I’d give this a listen when I came out. There’s a lot to like and a lot of appeal in this album. The instrumentals, especially towards the beginning of the album, are very full and detailed. Abel’s singing more than holds up with all these powerful synths behind him. But, really I did not like that Tyler feature on ... read more
Milosummers -
Amy Winehouse is easily one of the best vocalist of the 00s. She sent me flying with her performance on this album… see why I did there… I’m sorry. Anyway, Amy fuses Soul, Jazz, R&B into a recognisable Neo-Soul sound with a hip hop styling on the drums in many places on this album. Witty lyrics elevate this album even higher on tracks like ‘Fuck Me Pumps’. The lyrics in Stronger Than Me are questionable but I love the song and I wish the of the ... read more
Milosummers -
She’s pretty cool, I feel like noname would rock w this
Favourite track: Pep Talk


Jan 15, 2022
No worries :)
Jan 15, 2022
Hey Milo. I wanted to suggest an album for the albums that changed my music taste list. I choose Charli by Charli XCX and as for a caption, "For someone who was mainly a hip-hop listener and never diverged into other areas of experimental music, Charli got me into the deeper side of pop and made me enjoy Hyperpop and Bubblegum Bass to the fullest. Right now, I stan artists like Arca, 100 Gecs and I can enjoy other artists in the Hyperpop underground as well because of this album specifically :)"
Jan 14, 2022
LMFAO i can tell its banter, dont worry. Happy reviewing! (and listening)
No offense taken lol, I was a bit too serious as well and I apologize for that.
Jan 8, 2022
haha sorry, just didn't click for me. i could see the appeal for sure. thanks for the follow, followed you back!! :)
Jan 8, 2022
wow your rating distribution looks very similar to mine haha, minus the amount of 100s
Jan 2, 2022
Every time I revisited it I enjoyed it a little less :( How DId You Get Here still contender for SOTY tho
Dec 19, 2021
ah shit im late to one of these again :(
but here

1. The Glow, Pt. 2
2. Olatunji (if archival counts. if not, take "11" as my #10 and the rest a place up.)
3. Divorce Lawyers I Shaved My Head
4. Illinois
5. Ys
6. The Moon & Antarctica
7. Spirit They've Gone, Spirit They've Vanished
8. Midtown 120 Blues
9. Vespertine
10. Hymie's Basement
11. I Have A Special Plan For This World

all perfect 10s <3
Dec 17, 2021
Ayyyye I finally finished my Top 10 lists for the best and worst albums of 2021! Feel free to give them a look and/or send me yours! Or don’t, I can’t control you.

~Top 10 Worst Albums of 2021

~Top 10 Best Albums of 2021
Dec 13, 2021
Based ye score, people are haters fr
Dec 9, 2021
Hi, Milo (≧◡≦). 2021 was amazing on the music scene and I believe that just as I share a love for sound art, so I made these two lists and I'm inviting u to see them, I hope u like it:

Best Brazilian Albums Of the Year 2021:

TOP 30 albums:

thank u


Hip hop, rnb, neo-soul, jazz rap, that kinda stuff
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The comparison means that I adjust ratings quite a lots

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