AOTY’s albums that changed their music taste

Albums that permanently changed AOTY users music tastes, whether it introduced them to new genres or completely switched up their taste.
All in all, I reached out to the best part of 100 people so this is quite a juicy list lmao, call it a 100 follower special I guess. Anyway, enjoy :)
P.S. holy shit this took a lot of admin, any late additions just leave in the comments or my shout box and I’ll add it to the list

Noname - Telefone
This ones mine, before this I mainly just listened to stuff my mum and dad had shown me, stuff like Talking Heads, Arctic Monkeys, David Bowie, Radiohead, etc. When my sister went off to university, she began to explore new music and one of the things she showed me was this and I haven't turned back. Noname was my introduction to hip hop and this is one of my most beloved projects.
Tyler, the Creator - Flower Boy
Me again. After Telefone, Tyler, the Creator was a name I had heard a lot so I gave this a listen and really enjoyed it. I specificcaly remember that Boredom was the first track i had heard off the album (because I didnt have spotify premium so had to listen to the album on shuffle lmao)

@halbery “got me into hip hop”

Hope Tala - Sensitive Soul
Still me. After venturing into hip hop, this brought me into the world of alternative rnb. Lovestained is such an addictive song and for about a month last year it was preety much all i listened to.
The Internet - Hive Mind
Last one of mine, I promise. This was the album that got me into neo-soul, from here I found so many artists I now love, from Joy Crookes to Erykah Badu. This album introduced me to a genre that easily makes up a quarter of what I listen for fun now.
Fiona Apple - Fetch the Bolt Cutters
@gersonaoty "Fetch The Bolt Cutters came at a time when I was still very focused on mainstream albums, hearing it for the first time I felt strange, a style that I wasn't used to and I didn't understand why it got so much acclaim. Over time I learned to like the album (and it's one of my favorites of all-time now) and understand all its complexity, which opened my ear to many more genres and learn not to refuse to open my musical taste just because I didn't like something the first time"

@River “It was the first album I listened to that got me hooked on every song on it. It made me go from listening to the most popular songs of an artist to listening to whole albums”
Ace Of Hearts - Scorpion Queen
@KillBill "altho it's not that great, i was in love with it, and it planted the seed for my musical journey"
Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
@KillBill "the first full album that i loved"
Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher
@KillBill "the first album that i thought was (and still is) perfect" "also really influential for my music taste"

@Ida “ The whole album was insane and made me think differently about life in general, it’s quite an emotional album. It made me realize how much I love folk/sad albums”
Daft Punk - Random Access Memories
@Ida “ It was different for me but GOOD different. It changed my perspective on music”
100 gecs - 1000 gecs

Lingua Ignota - Caligula
@Riquitrefe “i didn’t know people were capable of making music like that. so emotive, moving, heartbreaking and .. scary asf lol”
Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp a Butterfly

@EraX “it made me care more about lyrics in hip-hop”

Black Country, New Road - For the first time
@Nathan "this is super recent, but the BC,NR debut really got me into unorthodox, spoken-word vocal delivery. isaac wood does a fantastic job as the lead"
Wu-Tang Clan - Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
@Rollo_P "For the longest time, the only rap music I listened to was handed-down by the taste of my big brother - he had an MP3 that he let me have once he got a new ipod. So my first exposure to hip hop was Eminem, Kanye, Wayne, and Cudi. Which was fine and all, I enjoyed myself. However, I never identified as a hip hop fan, as I was listening to a few other artists at the time - Green Day, The Beatles, Nirvana, etc. So I was just a general music fan for the longest time...

Until Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers came into my ears. I wrote about my time meeting the album in my review of it, but, to keep it short.. from the first kung-fu sample to the last, I was solidly hooked. I liked hip hop prior to that, but the level of rawness and front-to-end quality on 36 Chambers had me. I became a hip hop head right then and there, for better or worse, and I haven't looked back since."
Four Tet - Rounds
@TruLad69 "That was the first electronic music I really properly listened to (aside from Kid A era Radiohead) and kinda made me realise that not everything needed to have a guitar in it for me to enjoy it"
Daniel Johnston - Hi, How Are You: The Unfinished Album
@Reviewsic “I would say Daniel Johnston's 'Hi, How Are You' from 1983 introduced me to the whole lo-fi genre, with some certain pop elements being in there, too. It's one of my favorite records of all time, even if a bit dated, and it showed me the appeal of pop music, how the pop artists can say so much with just a few words. It made me understand artists like Billie Eilish and their lyrics a lot more“
Rina Sawayama - SAWAYAMA
@stolenpositions “i’d say sawayama by rina was one that changed the way i listened to music because before 2020 pop used to be the only genre i was really into and then when i heard that album, even though it’s a pop record, i was blown away by how she could merge a lot of different genres into her music so that kinda made me expand my taste“
Swans - To Be Kind
@cakenator “If it wasn’t for to be kind by swans I would be listening to only about 10 artists”

Grimes - Art Angels
@EduFerlan “those two albums change completely my taste in pop/electronic music and introduce me to more alternative/underground music”
@EduFerlan “those two albums change completely my taste in pop/electronic music and introduce me to more alternative/underground music”

@EraX “made me start to appreciate female artists more (Keep in mind i was like 14 when i heard these)”

MGMT - Little Dark Age
@reptilia0000 “my introduction into synthpop and really, the album that started my obsession with that genre”

@Raccoon “I heard that in like late 2018 and by then I was still mostly listening to rock and metal music, so that album definitely kind of was a gateway to other kinds of music like that and indie and alternative music in general (I also feel like tame impala currents did the same thing around the same time but I like little dark age more now)”
Madvillain - Madvillainy
@reprilia0000 “It was the album that really got me into hip-hop”

@MickyT “I suppose I could trace back to when I was only listening to hip-hop and when I started getting into more abstract and experimental works within the genre. The album that changed that for me was Madvillainy, up until the point when I heard that album I was really into some rap that was out around 2018, but the first time I ever heard Madvillainy is a time I'll never forget. At the time it was like nothing like what I had ever heard before, the odd production and the incredible samples from Madlib were mind blowing to me and what was even more mind blowing was MF DOOM himself who was just such an incredibly creative and incredible performer all over that record. His rhyme schemes, flows and lyrical focus were unlike anything I had heard before and I was just blown away by his shear talent and charisma, and overtime he has grown to become my favourite rapper of all time”

@LyricalMiracleS “I really started to diversify what and who I listened to after that and it ultimately led to me being as invested in music as I am now“
Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP
@Hellboy007 “Eminem- marshal mathers lp completely changed my life. Gave me a new attitude, taught me new things and most importantly i enjoy it everytime i put it on. And yeah this album put me onto hundreds of other artists”
Kanye West - The College Dropout

@Claire “ Kanye's The College Dropout opened my eyes to 'conscious rap'. Before that, I was into cheesy pop and metal pretty much exclusively. I have no idea why I was into such diametrically opposed genres but there we are”
Sachiko M, Toshimaru Nakamura & Otomo Yoshihide - Good Morning Good Night
@Tristan "Good Morning Good Night by Sachiko M, Toshimaru Nakamura & Otomo Yoshihide completely changed my life. It shook my understanding of music and introduced me to many new genres I had never heard of before such as EAI & Onkyo. It slowly became my favorite album ever made, and I'm now a massive fan of Sachiko M and her other works. EAI has also become one of my favorite genres”
@heavenlyxbn “i think it's an amizing, wonderful and beautiful album, both aesthetic and how she proyected everything in this!”
The Velvet Underground & Nico - The Velvet Underground & Nico
@Andrei “Opened me up to more experimental and alternative genres”
The Strokes - Is This It
@Fhhgvnjscvbbg “It was the first album I listened to that wasn’t metal, grunge, or classic rock”
My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
@Windy “The album itself is amazing, of course, but before listening to it, I had never really been a "fan of music". I mostly just enjoyed hearing whatever was on the radio, and wouldn't really look past that. The Black Parade was really the first album that I listened to front to back and immediately loved; every sound, every aspect of every song resonated with me, and I wanted to hear more. It began a kind of emo phase for me, but that was also the first point in my life where I would seek out music and listen to it to enjoy it”
Radiohead - OK Computer
@Windy “that was the album that broke me out of my emo music phase lol”

@Ruimtewezel “OK Computer got me into being a music snob. Obviously I was into rock music and electronic music beforehand, but I never really had into developed enough opinions. Radiohead changed [email protected]
Ground-Zero - Consume Red
@FleetwoodGrips “ I would say that this website has introduced me to so many unsung classics and some many artists who have had their artistry overlooked. Albums that I wouldn't have gone looking for otherwise, and there we a few genre they've opened my up to” (general statement for all his picks)
Milton Nascimento & Lô Borges - Clube Da Esquina
@FleetwoodGrips “opened me up to Milton Nascimento as an artist, and made would later make him one of my all time favorites”
Julius Eastman - Femenine
@FleetwoodGrips “Opened me up more to Post-minimalist and Minimalist music and made me want to study Eastman's work more”
Exuma - Exuma
@FleetwoodGrips “Opened my up to Freak Folk and made me even more proud of my Caribbean roots”
MIMEO & John Tilbury - The Hands of Caravaggio
@FleetwoodGrips “Opened my up to EAI music”
FLUX Quartet - Feldman Edition 6: String Quartet No. 2
@FleetwoodGrips “Challenged my ears to a completely non-linear approach to modern orchestra”

@Houdanny “I've recently started getting into the more experimental and avant-garde side of modern classical thanks to composers like bernard parmegiani, karlheinz stockhausen and morton feldman”
Charli XCX - Pop 2
@Ana_Paula007 “helped me to broaden my musical taste”

@80starzdust “Another artist I was obsessed with in middle school was Charli XCX she introduced me to hyperpop/pc music later in high school and made me discover other artists like SOPHIE, AG Cook and more”
The Beatles - The Beatles
@GeMann “My Beatles marathon definitely made me more open to genres other than hip-hop”

@joseph “this album is what made me understand the Beatles. I had listened to a few of their previous records but none really clicked until White, and that's what led me to getting into classic rock at all, where I found some of my favorite bands like Pink Floyd and The Velvet Underground. Without this album I would probably still be only listening to rap and nu-metal“
my bloody valentine - loveless
@nostaligia “ I discovered the album when I was fairly young and up until then the way I understood music was "the more clean and polished sounding the album, the better it must be". Loveless was my first ever glimpse at music that challenges pop norms. I never thought I could ever enjoy an album where the guitars are so hazy and overblown and where the vocals are so buried in the mix that I can't make out a word, but years later I consider it my favourite album of all time and the first one that helped expand what I understood music to be”

Dirty Projectors - 5EPs
@River “It really influenced my music taste, introducing me to more complex folk and exerimental music. It really broadened my musical horizons”
Brian Eno - Another Green World
@Baylen’s Honest Reviews “It’s among the early albums that I exposed myself to in my early days on AOTY and "Another Green World" just redefined the notion of masterpiece to me and what it meant for music to be great. It was unlike anything I had heard before then. It also gave me proper guidance to fathom that there was so much more music to discover, stuff that pushes boundaries and create its own substrate. There were so many sounds that I had yet to encounter and even comprehend, this album gave me the idea that this massive realm that is music is way larger than I thought it initially was, and it gave me the thrill to explore it”
black midi - Schlagenheim
@andiov “opened me up to a lot of noise rock and just everything on the more abrasive side”
Muse - Absolution
@BaddieBaphomet “When I was dumb kid who had dumb kid opinions, I had pretty close minded views about music, mainly that rock was the only genre with my time and anything else was garbage, god forbid you use a computer, synth, or anything besides guitar bass and drums to make music or else I’d say you weren’t a real musician. But “Absolution” by Muse was so grand in scale and combined so many different worlds of influence, and it made 12 year old me realize that music didn’t have to be so rigid, that music could be bigger than those same three instruments and that other genres and sounds in music could be just as incredible. Obviously my music taste is at a very different extreme than where I was when I was 12 (thank god), and if it weren’t for Muse’s “Absolution” I wouldn’t have given so many albums that I now love a chance, and I probably wouldn’t be reviewing on this site. It changed everything about how I consume music”
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call me if you get lost was the first hip-hop album i ever listened to. life changing, completely.
TPAB - kendrick lamar
before this i really only listened to stuff from the 70's, mainly classic rock. while i'd still say that time period is my favorite, i am a massive hip hop fan as well now, and this album is a big reason for that. the way it incorporates so many different genres, and is so complex but so enjoyable to listen to at the same time made me want to check out other hip hops albums as well.
from her to eternity - nick cave and the bad seeds
i discovered nick cave through his appearance in the film "wings of desire" a couple years ago, so i decided to check out his stuff. this album opened my eyes to other more experimented genres than what i was listening to, and some of the artists i found through this have become favorites
Veteran by JPEGMAFIA

Prior to Veteran I'd say I had pretty good taste. My dad was a big Wu-Tang fan so he put me on to that and I listened to lots of Kanye, Kendrick, and Nirvana, but the album that caused me to really expand my horizons was Veteran. I saw Fantano's review of it on my YouTube feed around the time that it came out, and I was intrigued by how much he praised the album so I gave the album a try. I was blown away by the weirdness of the album and Peggy's ability to use humor while still coming off as very serious. I tried looking for more stuff like Veteran, and I got into Death Grips and started browsing RYM for albums to listen to which started my descent into being an internet music nerd.
fancy you/ twice: got into kpop
vroom vroom/charli xcx: got into art pop
Ants From Up There has completely switched my music taste from a massive amount of the new era of gangster hip hop to more grungy rock music
Woohoo ive been included!
After Hours by The Weeknd basically just started my whole love for R&B, and still to this date I listen to this album on repeat.
@calebmullings54 added it
Xscape by Michael Jackson it's nowhere near his best work but its what introduced me to him and that changed my life :)
@AllAboutMusic just added it to the list
The Eminem Show

Though it isn’t really one of my all time favorite albums anymore, it turned me into the hip hop head that I am today and it will always hold a special place in my heart because of that
@5ifthave added it
@Thegreen added it to the list :)
For me it was hands down Kids see ghosts. Newer music fan here, but in like late 2019- early 2020 I got it recommended to be by Spotify, and I didn't know who it was at all. But I realized it was Kanye after a little bit (at that time I hated his existence and refused to listen to him) and in the end fell in love with his music. Changed me for the better.
@milo yo thanks!!
@wiloptics no that’s great, just added it :)
Mind if I do one on the more obscure end of things? Odd Blood by Yeasayer is what I *think* may have gotten me into neo-psychedelia. I had heard my parents play the single Ambling Alp a few times before and liked it, but the entire album experience was just something else. I was so compelled by how freakish and off the wall it could be while still being so catchy, soothing, and accessible. I wouldn't be into some of my favorite artists like MGMT, Tame Impala, or (sort of) Jack Stauber if it weren't for them. On the other hand, I also wouldn't have had my taste ruined by Animal Collective, so you win some, you lose some I guess.

Is this too long lol I got a bit rambly/gush-y
EraX admits he used to be a misogynist (NOT CLICKBAIT)
If it wasn’t for Trench by Twenty One Pilots, I would still be listening to albums on shuffle.
hell yeah brother
@Quet added it! It’s a personal favourite of mine too :)
@Fergau Thanks!!
You can bet your bottom dollar that if I didn’t do a second relisten to A Seat at the Table I’d never make it to AOTY
goated list!
@depechemode4lif I’m guessing u want me to add it to the list lmao, if not please say bc I just added it😭
make fun of me all you want but Beerbongs & Bentleys by Post malone got me into the whole of hip hop
@River added it
I feel like I should add another one to this. Fetch the bolt cutters. It was the first album I listened to that got me hooked on every song on it. It made me go from listening to the most popular songs of an artist to listening to whole albums.
@joseph I added it in :)
I'd like to add one onto Beatles' White Album by saying this album is what made me understand the Beatles. I had listened to a few of their previous records but none really clicked until White, and that's what led me to getting into classic rock at all, where I found some of my favorite bands like Pink Floyd and The Velvet Underground. Without this album I would probably still be only listening to rap and nu-metal.
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thanks for including me! :)
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Fantastic list, interesting to see such a unique collection of albums and how they affected people on this list. Excellent read
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Great list!
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Wow, what an amazing list! Thanks for me being a part of this great list, it's full of amazing reviewers explaining well why the certain record changed their view on music. Loved the list, keep up the good work! :))
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Amazing list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for including me, it’s cool seeing how different albums have had an impact on different people
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love this list! thanks for including me :)
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