Migos - Culture III
Jun 11, 2021
Migos return. Cool. Obligatory “not as long and s**t as culture 2, but still pretty boring”. However, I do find some enjoyment out of this album. Does it warrant me staying up until 3 a.m. to have my first listen? No, absolutely not. I wish that I’d had time to listen to the new Fish Narc and Pi’erre Bourne, since both of those albums contained my favorite singles of the year: (Forgive Me, Groceries). Moving on, Migos have always been a one trick pony. A couple of their releases like Culture 2, YRN, and the unfortunately titled 3-Way have all been purely playlist projects. I still bump Walk it Talk it and BBO, I’ll admit, but since my first listen of those albums I have not touched the “filler” with a ten-foot-pole. Previous Migos projects had me yearning for a solo from one specific member: (and er, maybe 2 off you count my secret guilty pleasure) Takeoff. (And Quavo, hiding quietly in the back). Takeoff has really made Migos projects for me. His flows and rarely placed choruses always seem to resonate with me. However, I do not care about what the head Migo Offset has to say around 99% of the time. Sometimes Quavo makes a song, another time he breaks it into tiny little pieces that are unsalvagable even by a verse from God (takeoff, duh!)

So, with culture 3 and the 3 singles leading up to it, i was honestly excited. I LOVED need it with Youngboy and Avalanche. Straightening was kind of meh tbh, but I hadn’t lost any hope that this album would fucking rock. And, well, it arrives. What do I think? Well, just like on C2 all the features are certainly good, Polo G taps into his full potential since he doesn’t have a piano lead, Cardi kills her verse with the amount of chemistry she has with Offset, Drake is well, hum, Drake, he’s there for sure, Future surprises me with his great flow, Justin also surprises me by being one of my favorite features, Juice WRLD sounds a bit sloggy and kinda tacked on, but it’s still a new verse from a great artist, Pop Smoke sounds as rough and ready as ever, and NBA youngboy is...good. Wow. Catch me liking NBA youngboy and Justin Bieber more than an artist I love, Juice Wrld. The only bad part about the features is that they kinda pad out their songs and make them like 50 seconds longer.

Anyways, lyrics. Uhm, not great, but I did appreciate what they all had to say about uhm, yknow, the same 4 topics over an hour and twenty minutes. F**k it, it’s classic Migos and I’ve came to expect it, I’m not mad at these goons. Some of the songs over four minutes really seem to drag on however. There’s no sellout stuff like Culture National Anthem or even the (amazing) Taco Tuesday. The production has also improved a ton, can’t tell if Zaytoven worked on all of these beats but most of them sound pretty well made. So, overall I’m not disappointed from this album from the most mediocre boys on the block. Wrap!
Jun 11, 2021
Great review as always Jack <33 however I will not tolerate any Culture National Anthem slander. i am coming for you.
also Zaytoven has prod credits on one song lmao
Jun 15, 2021
oh nooo reaireaiweasei is coming for me i’m soooo scared
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