Apr 21, 2021 (updated Apr 27, 2021)
Discography Dive - ECCO2K
Album #2: PXE
Genre: Noise Pop, Art Pop, Glitch Pop, Cloud Rap, Experiemntal
Date: 22/04/2021
Time: 6:36 PM

Ecco2K is literally one of my favorite people ever. Words can’t describe the respect and love I have for them. They’re just incredible in every way, and this short project only deepens my respect for their craft. Their androgynous voice is used in such a beautiful way while still blending in with the industrial production that goes along with everything so, so well. From the opener, you know what you’re getting into. Despite the brief runtime, this is an outstanding output from Drain Gang. Onto some tracks, I’d like to explain why I love them so much. In the Flesh is beautifully instrumented, and the vocals are really tight. Jalouse has one of their best vocal performances yet, and that’s really saying something, looking back at how good “E” was. You can tell that every word they sing is heartfelt and personal, leading to the other reason why I love this EP so much. The fuckin’ songwriting, come on. Their lyrics on every single vocal track are unique and personal. I’m not saying that Ecco is bringing a game changing-MF Doom level vocabulary/wordplay to these songs, but the songwriting is just so raw and meaningful, which is something I have to give immediate props to Ecco for. Not only that, the production is beautiful, I absolutely adore the industrial and electro clash that melds together with their signature art-pop style. The writing, delivery, production, everything, gah, just works down to the closer track which is just a spillage of everything that the rest of the EP built up. I need another project from them this fuckin’ moment. I think that’s why I love this so much, it’s a dip back into the mind of my favorite Drainer ever. Is it just a bit of excitement bias? Perhaps, but I don’t mind anymore. I’m not here for long time to think about scores. Anyways, more about Ecco’s lyrics, seriously these are fuckin’ amazing. As well as discussing drug use and toxic relationships, their lyrics on this project tackle body dysphoria and general dissatisfaction with yourself, which of course will touch me deeply. I’m a trans man who in all honesty hates their body. Although I can’t do much for it now, it’s always great to have such a beautiful voice that just...understands. Their voice overflows with emotion, while still having the tinny and distant feel that goes so well with their lyrics. They really reflect how I feel on life right now. I’ll admit, I tear up when I hear lyrics I relate to like “ I want a human body // I want to be someone”; “Walking with nothing from my waist to my hip // I got a strong out-of-body feeling”. Fuck, I miss being happy with my body. For the moment, this is my project of the year. Although that may change in time, just know that I will ALWAYS respect Ecco2K as a person and as an artist, and it’s really not too hard to take 10 minutes to listen to this.

Best - No***’s song
Apr 22, 2021
Great review. I didn't like the EP at all when I heard it, but this kinda gave me new insight on it
Apr 22, 2021
@21stcenturyschi thank you so much! 😊😊
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Apr 21, 2021
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