Baby Keem - The Melodic Blue
6d ago (updated 6d ago)
i can finally say this is safely the brand of trap that i really like.

baby keem’s last mixtape was amazing. i loved keem’s experimentation while still having fun with his debut and overall, his “chillness” in and outside of his music was what i came to love.

keem’s aesthetic carries over to this album, starting with the wonderful gradients on the single covers. although not all of them made it onto the album, arguably the biggest two were included. durag activity and family ties with travis scott and kendrick lamar are both very enjoyable and the high profile guest features do nothing but add to the songs.

baby keem’s vocals are above average through the whole lp, usually being in a soft contemporary rnb style or an eclectic rap style. sometimes his whines and often hussled flows don’t mesh the best, but baby keem has enough charm to carry through. if you liked “die for my b—tch” then this project should be mildly appealing at the least. shiny features, brand new production team but still old keem. that hook on south africa is just beautiful and that piano trap beat is slick!

the production is also above average for a trap album. the drums on every track are mixed wonderfully and the pianos and guitars always sound fresh. keem is a great singer so it’s natural that he would sound amazing over beats like this. i believe keem even had a huge role in producing, so honestly good for him! glad to see that his post xxl music career has been doing well!

favorite songs - pink panties, scapegoats, range brothers, south africa, cocoa, family ties, durag activity, vent

least favorite- scars? maybe??
Track Ratings
1trademark usa / 80
2pink panties / 80
3scapegoats / 80
4range brothers / 90
5issues / 80
6gorgeous / 80
7south africa / 90
8lost souls / 90
9cocoa / 90
10family ties / 95
11scars / 75
12durag activity / 90
13booman / 80
14first order of business / 90
15vent / 90
1616 / 80
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6d ago
6d ago
YES exactly king love you
6d ago
How is this even trap music? Do you even know what trap music is or where it originated? Please stay out the culture. You and this whack ass review.
6d ago
top of the morning top of the morning top of the morning top of the morning top of the morning top of the morning
6d ago
@hiphoptruth i know what trap is, thank you very much. is using fast hi-hats and mid tempo bass not trap? because this album has a lot of those moments
6d ago
Also,I get the argument of this being “alt trap” taking influences from pop,soul,rnb which literally makes it “the brand of trap that I like”
6d ago
^ literally how is this not trap lmfao
6d ago
@hiphoptruth according to you what is a "trap rap" album
4d ago
hiphoptruth LMFAO
๐Ÿ’€ corny name
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