Bladee - Gluee
Apr 24, 2021 (updated Apr 24, 2021)
Discography Dive - Bladee
Album #1: Gluee (2014)
Genre: Cloud Rap, Pop Rap, Ambient Pop
Date: 24/04/2021
Time: 1:27 PM

starting my first ever serious-discography dive with one of the most polarizing artists on aoty , org, that being the swedish king of cloud rap itself, bladee. ever since i first heard obedient on soundcloud in 2018, i thought that bladee was some random foreign kid who looked like he’d spam my soundcloud dms with requests to review his music. although on that first listen i thought that his singing was ear-piercing awful, i did note that this song was produced...super well. it was almost a waste to have this half decent feature and a magnetic beat just thrown away on this muddy singer. since i listened to that song, my soundcloud was now infested with songs from the collective “drain gang”, and due to genuine curiosity, i listened to the mixtape “gluee” from the artist “bladee”. i remember thinking to myself “hey, that’s a pretty cool name! maybe this isn’t like that one song and it was just a bad fluke like ‘truth hurts’ by lizzo, a song that is kind of meh and doesn’t show what the artist is capable of”. so, i turned on gluee and immediately was mixed on it. i thought everything besides the horrid opener deletee ranged from meh to decent. then, i listened to eversince, then almost immediately followed it up with working on dying. working on dying was the project that made me realize the sheer genius of bladee. for example, in gatekeeper bladee shows off his MF DOOM level styles of writing with “you a worker, I see your ass at target” which can also be heard as: “you a worker, I see you as a target”. target is an american store company, and Bladee is saying that if you are a worker here, then to him you are nothing but a target. fucking genius. so, that brings me to now. i have over 1K listens on bladee on and i’m going to be reviewing all of his albums.

gluee is the debut mixtape of swedish cloud rap / ambient pop artist benjamin reichwald, known to everybody in the music community as bladee. gluee blends the styles of trap, cloud rap, and cold, ambient pop together to make the signature bladee style. the bladee style isn’t for everyone; i mean look, every single bladee album is pretty much met with mixed reception from the general public while bladee’s fans continue to preach him as a god. i’m happy to say that i am a proud member of the bladee fanbase. no, i am not a virgin or an incel, and yes, i take showers. just from the opener, bladee sets the tone for a really gritty mixtape. the vocal sample is so disgusting yet so fitting in the tone of the album. an early highlight comes in the song “ebay” featuring verses from both thaiboy digital and ecco2k, the other rappers of the “drain gang” collective. while i do think that ecco has the better part, as their vocals sound really slick over this banging beat, thaiboy and bladee hold their own and really make a solid banger. shadow face marks the first collaboration between bladee and cloud rapper bones, and he’s honestly the least expected collab on this album. although i think that bones carries the song a little bit, bladee doesn’t do bad at all. this is also one of bladee’s most consistent albums, and for being a debut it’s honestly amazing. his lyrical ability is very limited to certain topics but he still makes them interesting. anyways, that’s about it for gluee. go listen to it.

best - safe house, ebay, shadowface
worst - deletee
Apr 24, 2021
Great review
Apr 24, 2021
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