LOONA & Odd Eye Circle - Max & Match
Apr 29, 2021
stan loona lmao

jesus christ i’m de-evolving into a teenage girl again ig. max and match is a reissue of k-pop girl group loona’s EP titled “mix and match”, made by three members dubbed as “odd eye circle”. jinsoul, choerry, and kim lip all are extremely talented and beautiful, this deluxe ep is just a masterpiece. i didn’t expect to enjoy this at all, i had only heard [ 12 : 00 ] from loona before, a project i’d give around an 8/10. i haven't listened to much k - pop besides loona, twice, bts, blackpink, and red velvet but this is by far my favorite release of the genre. although most k - pop i had listened to had a tendency of being overproduced with cheap trap beats, this is the ultimate mix of calm contemporary rnb and upbeat dance pop. i’ve listened to this like 20 times in the past 3 days. this is everything that’s amazing about k - pop— just pop music as a whole. it’s so oddly polished. this is literally perfect and i can’t even describe it lmao. coming off of the blackpink album, this is perfectly produced. nothing is loud and bombastic and that’s all i want from a project like this. everything just has so much personality and fun vibes all around. my main gripe with loona was just the sheer amount of vocalists. 12 is a lot. obviously, there’s only 3 members here and all 3 are unique and different from each other. everyone just sounds so freaking good, i seriously don’t get how this can be so good. this isn’t just peak k - pop, this is peak music as a whole. i’m gonna stick with this high rating simply because it makes me happy each time i listen to it and that’s really a rare occurrence.

best - starlight
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