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Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising
Aug 9, 2023
Those synths on ‘Movie’ are…. Mmmmm 🤌🏼

Weyes Blood’s fourth studio endeavor, ‘Titanic Rising’, was a project released on April 5, 2019 through the label Sub Pop. It’s a collection of songs mainly falling under the Art Pop and Chamber Pop genres and was produced by Weyes, Natalie Mering, Brian D’Addario, and Jonathan Rado. It had three singles before it’s release - ‘Andromeda’ on January 17, ‘Everyday’ on February 12, and ‘Movies’ on March 19 - and totals at 10 tracks and 42 minutes and 22 seconds.

The album is to say the least, lush. This is going to sound very weird, but it sounds very vintage and rustic compared to a lot of Art Pop these days. With Weyes’ rich and deeper tones, and instruments typically utilized in folk and indie, the album isn’t your typical Pop experience, but it may be one of your favorites.

Now, @Irissssssssssss has been pushing me towards this project for over a month now, and I listened to it multiple times, but it was hard to really grasp the album. Yeah, it’s sweet and pretty, but it’s not something that I felt like I would go back to; I mean, other than to try it again and get the feel of the album I haven’t revisited it much. But then i felt super anxious and turned it on and it was just beauty and peace washing over me. That’s the subjectiveness of this album that makes it a unique experience for everyone out there, so thanks for pushing me @Irissssssssssss!

The sounds of the songs each compliment the former and following song, making it all feel very collected and cohesive. The mixing and production as well is expertly done, but that’s not where your focus really lies while listening to it.

Instead you’re focusing on two things: the instrumentation, and her voice.

The instrumentation is all pretty classical, mainly revolving around a grand piano or keyboard; each sounding submerged and drowned out and muffled. Then you have the synths on ‘Movies’ which are gorgeous and experimental and you have the strings which are cinematic and powerful. It’s all cohesive and rustic in choosing and sound, but she makes it all feel elegant and elevated.

Then there’s her voice… I’m in LOVE with her voice. It’s rich and authoritative despite not holding all that much power. The tone that she possesses is something I can only dream of and her range is something that she has mastered. Every song feels tailor cut for her as she sings about relationships, global warming, or the Titanic. It’s just such a special experience listening to her sing.

I personally think ‘Mirror Forever’ is criminally underrated for what it is, but that says something because it’s still extremely high.

And that album cover… 10/10! It’s perfectly fitting for the themes and sound of the album; even without listening to it you can kind of tell what it’s going to be sonically. That’s special there.

Weyes shows is that although the Titanic sunk, that she’s just rising in quality and ability.

This review is awesome!

Thank you! 17 minutes of my time were utilized to make this 🤭

Thank you! I really appreciate you recommending it!
Literally such a good album omg
Amazing review for one of the most gorgeous albums I've ever heard!! The fact that the album cover was not photoshopped shows already that this album was made with a genuine passion for art and music

She was actually underwater?!? Also, agreed! It was such a nice listen, but like ‘Melodrama’ you have to be in the mood for it!
@Missing_Lyriks Yep!!! All underwater, which is wild!
Here's a short vid of behind-the-scenes footage:
Then here's a much longer vid of Brett Stanley, the photographer, showing the whole process:

That is INSANE; thanks for sharing that! That gives me a whole new appreciate for the album and now I feel like I should delete this review and make a track by track of it! What do you think?
@Missing_Lyriks If you're completely down with it, then go for it! Don't push yourself too much though, especially once it gets exhausting. Also, you can opt to edit this review instead of deleting the whole thing
Eh… maybe i will edit, but I feel like it’ll be better if I just delete it. Or I’ll just leave it as is 😄
That was such a fun review to read!

Her voice really is insane though, and her songwriting too. It has only been a couple of months since I first 'discovered' her music, but I'm afraid I'm already obsessed...
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