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Fleet Foxes made the transition from a wasted Summer to an unknown Autumn a little bit more bearable.

(disclaimer: I am 100% a sucker and totally biased towards harmony and lush production heavy albums)

Right from the the opening track I knew this album was gonna be a gorgeous, and surprise surprise it was, but when i said this was transitional i don’t think i am far off because it is an album that starts from a warm inviting opening and goes toward a cold uncertain future. At least ... read more

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Mixtape -
Short and sweet! yeah
Mixtape -
Can anyone make an album as Grand as Sufjan when he wants?

This album was perfect road trip music. The songs on here are so packed with sound that it’s hard not to get caught up in it. This was the first full project from Sufjans more electronic endeavors that i’ve actually enjoyed for some reason Age of Adz and Enjoy your Rabbit rank pretty low on my Personal list, but this finally clicked for me! Aside from the production being fantastic Sufjan i felt focused more on that side ... read more
Mixtape -
It only took one listen for this to become my favorite Madonna album

Right of the bat this album is HOT!!! it’s basically over an hour of sex music and even by today’s standards it’s pretty vivid. Deeper and Deeper and Where life begin are some of the dirtiest songs i’ve heard and they are fantastic. The way Madonna says anything on this album is sexy, even if she’s being raunchy af it sounds like she’s reciting a love poem.
Just a really sexxxy ... read more
Mixtape -
This album might not be groundbreaking but it is definitely quality stuff!

This album actually surprised me because i went in expecting a standard indie pop record and while it is pretty standard it is more then a cut above other indie pop albums. One thing i would like to mention is how well they incorporated some gospel in to a few songs especially the closer

Three songs i wanna highlight is are Altar and the final two, Headfitst and Oh mama. All these songs fit right in on the album but ... read more
Mixtape -
first listen i hated it, second listen I liked it , Third listen i’m pretty lukewarm on it but don’t hate it!

While it is a little cringe at points it i does at least have a storyline and it makes it at least interesting to listen again to get more details on the story LaRoi is telling. The lyrics are kinda weak but he does have a nice voice and has a unique delivery. The production was pretty mixed for me some i liked some i didn’t but no really strong love or hate for much ... read more
Sep 11, 2020
Hello there! I have a new EP out called Throwaways Pt. 2 which are tracks that are unfinished or didn't make on an official project. I was wondering if you would like to give a listen and leave a review. Thanks! <3
Sep 7, 2020
Hi Mixtape ! Thank you it's kind, I'll try to advise you as I can (: first of all I want to say that I like your reviews (and your musical tastes) because I find you objective and we really feel the passion you put in this one!
Personally I think it's essential to have the 2 points you already have ! I always advise you to try to differentiate yourself from others with a minimum of serious content (which you do), you have to develop your own ideas, I think this is the most important. This difference and singularity will allow you to bring an added value to AOTY. I think that this advice is worth more than any magic formula, because in reality there is no formula that works every time, and you should never forget to find something that you enjoy doing (:
Sep 6, 2020
All very well articulated and I'm looking forward to your next one.
Oh, my reviews are basically how I speak with a few smilies. Add some personal stuff and sometimes roast the artist is how I work!
Sep 6, 2020
just read your declan mckenna and lil peep reviews. keep up the good work!!
Sep 4, 2020
no problem! you put out great reviews.
Sep 4, 2020
Congrats on the big 100!
Sep 2, 2020
You're welcome, you deserve it, keep it up (:
Sep 1, 2020
Congratulation for the 100´ (:
Aug 30, 2020
Thx for the follow <3
Aug 29, 2020
Thanks! Glad you like it! <3
just whatever i wanna listen to or what my friends recommend:)
don’t take my personal opinion personal
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