Purity Ring - WOMB
Apr 3, 2020 (updated Apr 6, 2020)
Flashback to late 2016. Things started to change a lot in my life and I've gained a lot of free time that I didn't know what to do with. Fortunately my favorite band Linkin Park was about the drop a new album and I spend a lot of time following their updated and reading interviews. One of them had Mike Shinoda mentioned some people that he has worked with, one of listed was Corin Roddick. I was like why not so I checked the stuff from all those names, but nothing really interested me. Until I checked Purity Ring (when I googled Corin's name), and I couldn't believe what I've just heard! I didn't know anything about that kind of music but somehow their music did things to me like I never felt before. And I became totally addicted, and was listening to nothing but their music (even more when I checked their live performances on youtube). It was so perfect and nothing like I've ever heard and seen before.
Thanks to them I also started discovering more music, which I never been interested with, but even after listening to so many different music, nothing could ever touch them for me. So I was waiting for a new album, I would never have thought it will took them this long but today it's finally here and I couldn't be more happier!

Did it deliver? hell yes. Are they still far above anyone in this genre? 100%.
No one can come even close to Purity Ring in doing beautiful and atmospheric music that let yourself feel like you're floating in water yet is incredibly catchy and endlessly replayable. And in combination with Corin's detail obsessive and subtle complex production and Megan's unique lyricism makes it the best musical experience I've ever had.
Though I wasn't blow away like I hoped for (pink lightning and almanac are the only songs that gave me goosebumps on first listen) and was even slightly disappointed because the lack of killer hooks and banging beats (the vocals in general might sound boring at first and give more of a moody vibe and clearly aren't as impressive as most another eternity). After repeated listens it definitely has grown on m a lot, but my expectations were sky high so probably that's why. This album definitely has its own distinct vibe (I go even so far and call it more unique sounding than Shrines), every song has something special about it with beyond amazing production, there's so much love put on every single detail it's unbelievable (that might be the case with every PR song because that's one of their biggest strengths, but this album felt even more impressive). But one thing that might the most interesting about this album (and gives me the hope that they still haven't already peaked), is how confident they become in themselves. In the past they would always tend to hide almost everything with shit ton of reverb or heavy beats (I mean that still there but it's kind of different now). The message is the most important thing now, like the songs femia and almanac which are real ballads without any crazy sampling or anything. Meagn's delivery overall became way more mature, sometimes she sounds really vulnerable (peacefall) ot hopefull (stardew). It's really makes me proud because they are like my little babies...

Also I feel like many people will dismiss this album a lot like they did with another eternity (as you can see in the critic reviews so far), which is a fucking shame because PR is still one of the most unique and innovative bands out there . But I would lie if I said I wasn't expecting it tbh, liking Purity Ring isn't "cool" anymore. It's funny to me because I never associated them with any generic early 2010s indie scene,

But yeah at the end of the day the only important thing is how I feel about it, and from what I've seen most their fans love it too. Thank you for everything Megan and Corin ❤️
Favorites: pink lightning (one of their best songs ever), almanac, stardew, vehemence, silkspun, rubyinsides and i like the devil.

EDIT: Ok it gets better and better by every listen, love how extremity relaxing it sounds. I must say at the very first moment when I ignored any expectations I had it started to sound way enjoyable that it was (I even can't get some of melodies out of my head now...).
Apr 6, 2020
Apr 6, 2020
I guess I am because I like music you don't like
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