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USHER - Usher
Feb 18
David Guetta - 7
David Guetta
Feb 12

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Citizen - Life In Your Glass World
Citizen is easily one of my favorite bands. Youth and As You Please were both two of my top favorite albums from the last decade, so when Life In Your Glass World was first announced, I was obviously extremely hyped.

One of my favorite things about Citizen is that they reinvent their sound each album without fail. You can find a good mix of sounds throughout their discography, with post-hardcore, grunge, indie rock, alternative rock, pop punk, and emo being the best way to explain their ... read more

A Day To Remember - You're Welcome
Edit: Wow. Listened to this again and it’s even worse.
Previous rating: 49
New rating: 40

ADTR has been a top favorite of mine for almost 10 years now. Their perfect fusion of pop punk, post-hardcore and metalcore has always been enjoyable to me. A lot of their songs I've played over 100 times and still have yet to get tired of them. I can pretty much always enjoy their music no matter what kind of mood I'm in.

When Bad Vibrations came out in 2016, I felt it was a pretty big step down ... read more

Teenage Wrist - Earth Is A Black Hole
Teenage Wrist’s sophomore album is once again a good balance of alternative rock, shoegaze, grunge, and emo, similar to their debut. A few changes to the band were made since their debut, such as the former vocalist Kamtin Mohager leaving the band and the guitarist Marshall Gallagher taking over the vocals.

I think Marshall does a great job in the vocal department and the songs take on a lighter tone compared to when Kamtin was the vocalist. This album experiments a bit more than their ... read more

Florida Georgia Line - Life Rolls On
I’m having terrible flashbacks to when the class song my graduating class chose in high school back in 2013 was “Cruise.” That’s what started my dislike for Florida Georgia Line. Also, living in a small southern town in Florida, their music was inescapable from 2012 and on in a lot of stores and restaurants.

A few years later, I put personal bias aside and really tried to give them a chance. You know what? There are some songs that are not that bad at all, but they ... read more

Bearings - Hello, It's You
Bearings is one of my favorite recent pop punk bands. Their debut album, Blue in the Dark, was one of my favorite albums of the 2010s, so my anticipation was high for their sophomore album. Hello, It’s You is not on the same level as their debut album, but it’s still a great album. Blue in the Dark had no weak songs on it to me, while Hello, It’s You has a couple of songs that aren’t that strong. Despite the couple of weaker spots on Hello, It’s You, Bearings bring ... read more


Yo Molly! I just made my first review on YouTube! The video is about Jay Z and I would appreciate if you check it out! The video is published at 9:30 EST! Here is link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDIEAWu3X5BCesRym4MLWCA

Didn't they do the same thing in the leadup to "Death is a Warm Blanket"? either way it'd be good to hear something new from them? Really? That's so exciting I've been craving a new album from Basement for so long, I think a couple of members have been doing a number of side projects, I know for instance one of the guitarists is also in Fiddlehead, and it might've been difficult to coordinate rehearsal time due to COVID.

That makes sense, a couple of those songs really did remind me of Charmer. OMG, this is so exciting for you, I'm so excited for you, I hope you have an amazing time (I know you will).

While I'm here, I might as well give you yours for the month šŸ˜œ

Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism
Oso Oso - the yunahon mixtape
Super American - Disposable
So far, it's been a bit stressful as we're currently gearing up to move back to the mainland (a week and a half to go), so we've been trying to sort out job transfers (I've got one, but my partner wasn't able to get one) and a house to live in (which we finally got approved for yesterday) and packing is always a nightmare, but apart from that everything else has been alright šŸ˜… how has the start of your year gone?

I guess part of it is trying to play catch up to all the 2023 releases I had to try and get through and all the stress that comes with moving, so hopefully after this move I'll be able to pull myself out of this funk. Oh that looks fun, I look forward to seeing those lists.

How was that able to go on for so long, surely someone would've clued in on it sooner.
Hey Molly, hope you're doing well! I'm currently seeking submissions for the project i’m looking to release when i hit 500 followers. I’m aiming to create what’s known as a network graph of AOTY. If you'd like to take part, please check out this short questionnaire there’s more details on that page to hopefully elaborate on what it’s about if this is your first time hearing of a network graph! Thanks in advance if you do intend to take part, and I wish your day is/was pleasant! https://forms.gle/FjrJiKqLF1pkA4MJ6
I'm glad you enjoyed the recommendations, I felt like 2023 was a really strong year for music over all. Oh that's P.cool, keep me posted.

No surprise at your #1 that's for sure šŸ˜‚ great list as per usual and better late than never on Beach Bunny šŸ˜‚

I didn't know there was a different band tied to Charmer, I cannot wait!

As for this month I've got you:

Fox Teeth - Through the Blue
Rozwell Kid - Precious Art
Microwave - Stovall
Haha, that sounds like an eventful Christmas for sure, at least one you won't be forgetting for a while. I hope your dad's okay after his alcohol fuelled rampage, sounds like he's also had a rough go of it lately šŸ˜‚ and that's scary I hope your brother is doing okay, sounds like he was lucky by the fact he escaped with only some bruises.

That's so cool, I've always wanted to go to a well known record store like that. I don't know, I've always found Newbury Comics prices really good, I just rarely have money when they put out something I want to buy.

I didn't think they were that bad šŸ˜œ honestly he could be massive here, but I'm probably not the correct test subject to determine how big someone is šŸ˜‚.
Hey, that's okay, last month can certainly be a stressful and trying time and truth be told I'm not feeling like rating atm šŸ˜Ŗ. That's sure annoying that you weren't able to get your gifts to people in time, I hope they've now arrived and the people are happy with them.

That is insane, why has it jumped so much and it's amazing that you have to pay for health insurance just for basic coverage anyway gotta love your healthcare system šŸ˜œ
Hey! My project Act Tragic finally completed our sophomore album, IN THE AFTERLIFE. We have spent the last year using GarageBand on my iPad to record and mix this record, so we know it isn’t professionally produced but we make due with what we have. It is influenced by indie rock, alternative rock, folk, and many more genres with influences ranging from Depeche Mode to Bright Eyes, Modest Mouse to New Order, Radiohead to Death Cab, and many more! We would love to hear your ratings and reviews of this project so we can grow as artists and keep doing what we love!


I don't know how much attention Tiny Moving Parts are getting right now, I feel like all the buzz they had has fizzled out and I guess that's due to an allegation that Dylan had against him a while back and being dropped from Hopeless, so I hope High Wire are able to breakout from the tour.

I don't know what it is but for the vocals on the Tiny Voices album sounded a little grated and I feel that could be due to his voice, which is a shame as I enjoyed the music and "The Royston Club" sounds like they would've fit in the mid 2000's indie/alternative scene. I think I've heard the name Troye Sivan but I haven't heard any of his songs or haven't associated his name to songs from this years so I'm looking forward to listening to it.
That's fair, I feel like their prices can be a bit absorbent, especially when compared to Newbury Comics, but I do enjoy the fact that you can add a random record for a around $5-15? (at least that's how much it was when I did it back in 2019) , but alas like many US Storefronts I can't justify their $60+ shipping fees so I miss out on a lot of their variants.

I just listened to it, it's a great track and very mature, but I don't think it fits in with the rest of the music that she released this year, but I'd be interested if that's a direction she chooses to go in the future.

There's definitely worse things he could be doing so I feel like in the grand scheme of things he's okay and gets a bit of a pass until it comes out that he's a massive scumbag.


My top 100 songs of 2023 is finished now!

My name is Molly and I'm 28. I listen to most genres of music, but the genres I tend to listen to the most are alternative rock, pop punk, indie rock, emo, and pop.

100: Perfect (99+)
95-98: Nearly perfect
90-94: Fantastic
85-89: Amazing
80-84: Great
75-79: Very good
70-74: Good
60-69: Decent
50-59: Mediocre/okay
40-49: Bad
30-39: Very bad
10-29: Awful
0-9: Absolute garbage

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