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Ne-Yo - R.E.D.
May 9

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MollyCarver -
Citizen is easily one of my favorite bands. Youth and As You Please were both two of my top favorite albums from the last decade, so when Life In Your Glass World was first announced, I was obviously extremely hyped.

One of my favorite things about Citizen is that they reinvent their sound each album without fail. You can find a good mix of sounds throughout their discography, with post-hardcore, grunge, indie rock, alternative rock, pop punk, and emo being the best way to explain their ... read more
MollyCarver -
Edit: Wow. Listened to this again and it’s even worse.
Previous rating: 49
New rating: 40

ADTR has been a top favorite of mine for almost 10 years now. Their perfect fusion of pop punk, post-hardcore and metalcore has always been enjoyable to me. A lot of their songs I've played over 100 times and still have yet to get tired of them. I can pretty much always enjoy their music no matter what kind of mood I'm in.

When Bad Vibrations came out in 2016, I felt it was a pretty big step down ... read more
MollyCarver -
Teenage Wrist’s sophomore album is once again a good balance of alternative rock, shoegaze, grunge, and emo, similar to their debut. A few changes to the band were made since their debut, such as the former vocalist Kamtin Mohager leaving the band and the guitarist Marshall Gallagher taking over the vocals.

I think Marshall does a great job in the vocal department and the songs take on a lighter tone compared to when Kamtin was the vocalist. This album experiments a bit more than their ... read more
MollyCarver -
I’m having terrible flashbacks to when the class song my graduating class chose in high school back in 2013 was “Cruise.” That’s what started my dislike for Florida Georgia Line. Also, living in a small southern town in Florida, their music was inescapable from 2012 and on in a lot of stores and restaurants.

A few years later, I put personal bias aside and really tried to give them a chance. You know what? There are some songs that are not that bad at all, but they ... read more
MollyCarver -
Bearings is one of my favorite recent pop punk bands. Their debut album, Blue in the Dark, was one of my favorite albums of the 2010s, so my anticipation was high for their sophomore album. Hello, It’s You is not on the same level as their debut album, but it’s still a great album. Blue in the Dark had no weak songs on it to me, while Hello, It’s You has a couple of songs that aren’t that strong. Despite the couple of weaker spots on Hello, It’s You, Bearings bring ... read more


May 11, 2021
I don't think that ever made it onto commercial radio over here, hence the only thinking they were a one hit cover band. 😂

Haha, I think I've just found Matchbook Romance's biggest fan
May 10, 2021
Don't ask me, I've never been "cool" and wouldn't have the first idea of what "cool" music could possibly be 😂.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed "The Ataris" album, considering I'd written them off as being a band that only had a mildly popular cover song.
May 7, 2021
Well it's getting to about 39 degrees Fahrenheit at the moment, so I'll try and pretend it's 39 degrees Celsius to try and get the same affect 😂

I don't know how you only just got into them, I feel like they've been one of the best Pop Punk bands of the past decade.

Fortunately Ive got my parents to thank for listening to nothing but classic Rock radio or classic British Pop to help me have a base for music from the past, as much as I hated having to listen to it back then 😂
May 5, 2021
No problem
May 4, 2021
Well you said it's perfect for Summer, and it's just hit Winter here 😅

I totally see the similarities between Third Eye Blind and Seaway, they have very similar vocals imo and enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would.

I know right? Although now I feel like I've missed out on some gems as I never played a guitar hero game before. Oh well, I'm sure the Tony Hawk series more than made up for it.
May 4, 2021
thanks for the back follow and cool pfp
May 1, 2021
So what you're saying is that I should wait a couple of months as to really appreciate it? 😜

Yes, I saw you had that Thursday album in your list for the 2000s, but no rating and what better time to listen to it than now, considering it the 20th anniversary this year.

Glad I could be of service in remembering that song, let's thank the Madden 07 soundtrack (geez, I wonder what influenced my music taste 😂) for allowing me to hear it in the first place.
May 1, 2021
That's great news! I'm currently debating whether to wait for my vinyl to arrive or bite the bullet and just listen to it already.

Thank you for the recommendations, I'm already familiar with the first 3 and "Semi-Charmed Life" from Third Eye Blind and I've never taken the time out to listen to anything else from them so that will be exciting.

For this month I have recommended:

Thursday - Full Collapse
Matchbook Romance - Voices
Jeff Rosenstock - We Cool?
Free Throw - Those Days Are Gone
Dance Gavin Dance - Acceptance Speech
Apr 29, 2021
Hello! Im glad we share a love for frogs. They really are the fanciest animal. Happy to follow and thank you as well :)


My name is Molly and I'm 25. I listen to most genres of music, but the genres I tend to listen to the most are alternative rock, pop punk, indie rock, emo, and pop.

Thanks for 100 followers!

Ongoing projects: My Favorite Albums of the 2000s and 2010s lists

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