Jan 17, 2019
Akogare is a Japanese verb that means yearning, longing or aspiration. Despite the fact that I don't speak the language, I can feel this definition in the tunes. This is a pretty ambitious record. Eclectic influences seem present here, or perhaps an influence to be eclectic. These songs are all fun to listen to. I wish I could understand the language. If this was an English language release I feel like it would be one of my favorites of the year so far. Track 4, Rumor Has It, seems to have some English words in it. Other highlights include, the opening track, Brand New Cadillac (which is not a cover of the UK oldie by Vince Taylor), Nude (a punk rock call-back anthem), Street Dreams and Sirens (Violent Femmes vibes). The star is the 3rd track, Good Morning, where I hear James Chance and his Contortions and a bit of The Hives. The album ends with a bit of heavy, noisy intensity on B.N.C. Reprise. Some good ol' Rock 'n' Roll.
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Jan 19, 2019
Great review of this highly over looked album. I'm happy to see someone else who is also enjoying it.
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