AOTY 2023
Björk - Vulnicura
Aug 1, 2023
Okayyy, here is the 8th album on my deep disco dive of none other than our icelandic queen-mother-goddess Björk!

With this album, Björk is really digging into glitch pop to satisfy her never ending attraction for experimentation and trying new things. The consequence of this choice being that with her voice, you will only hear some electronic beats and glitchy noises as well as violins, and that's all. Nothing more that this, no piano, no guitars.
However, this doesn't make the record flat or bland as Björk and the people around her are really good at exploiting instruments and sounds in a way we don't predict it. For instant the violin is used in every way possible, with a bow, with the hands, low, high... At some point, it even sounded like classical music in the parts with only violins!

We then also have a lot of harmonies, because Björk once again uses her voice as a real instrument as well as the lead to count us her stories, especially now that she only has 4 instruments to play with. It's not always a capella like it was back in Medulla, but it's still a prowess!

For what comes to the instruments, there is like always this slow and deep beat on some of her songs, which is ultra clever as it permits to put more attention and impact to her voice and on the instruments which leads to us being snapped us by her stories.

The glitch pop inspiration, especially with special noises and beats sometimes make her sound like she is in a space ship, it's a bit funny, but it also makes everything more dramatic and so it emphasizes on the emotional impact of the songs, melancholy being for what I felt the most present emotion in this LP.

Apart from that, there are good lyrics as usual. Tempo and genres/instruments changes like in 'Family' are insanely well-made; and I found once again that there was a lot of inspiration taken from traditional music in this record which is great! And, guys do I really need to tell how much I love her voice again?

I also particularly like the fact that these are the longest songs from every LP for what I've listened to and it suits her really well as it allows her to really set up her universe and world and tells her stories even more in details.

Just one thing I won't give credit to her about is that I was sad in the end of the album because it ends with a cut and honestly when I listen to Björk I kinda want it to never stop so yeah it was harsh lol

But yeah, once again excellent album, excellent artist, can't wait for the last two albums!

Track Ratings
1Stonemilker / 95
2Lionsong / 80
3History of Touches / 100
4Black Lake / 95
5Family / 100
6Notget / 100
7Atom Dance / 95
8Mouth Mantra / 98
9Quicksand / 93
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