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Björk - Biophilia
Jul 25, 2023
My psychiatrist: dubstep Björk is not real, it can't hurt you

Aaaaaaaaand here we go with Björk's seventh album for my own personal whole discography review of the Icelandic magician!

The main thing I want to insist on in this record is that it's nstrumentally insane, this album has less electronic noises and much more raw instruments, but the instruments are really special. I don't know anything about these instruments and apparently I read that she CREATED SOME OF THEM like when is this goddess gonna stop???

What I also really liked was that, vocally, in this LP, she sounds really close to Vespertine more than what we had in Medulla or Volta, and I'm all into it.
I love her pronunciation of the 'r' in this project I find it even more interesting, and we are blessed by insane harmonies (as always) but especially like the ones we had in Vespertine but also Homogenic or Medulla; that is to say powerful ones, with several voices on the same level, and not supporting ones.

This LP also presents Electronic-pop and glitch pop at its peak: with hardcore electro style inspiration at some point, making it really original and surprising, with an interesting contrast between her beautiful clean vocals and the aggressive electronic production.

But this is not all, because it also proposes dark ambient music, even Gothic (not goth, I mean traditional gothic music with dark organ) and it was also very surprising. The organ is used a lot in this LP, and as one of Björk's wishes in this was to use unpopular instruments to get unheard sounds, this was a really good choice.

This album was really cinematic and visual, maybe the most from her work I already listened to, I'm used to being sent to her imaginary world as soon as she starts singing but in this one even the instruments are much less abstract and sets a real scene more than just playing with your imagination.

Sure, the album is not perfect and some tracks may be skippable compared to other works she's made in my opinion, 'Hollow' is not something I would listen everyday for sure such as well as 'dark matter'. However, some songs are just pure magic and jewels of experimental music that are so pleasant to hear ('Mutual Core', 'Crystalline', 'Virus').

'Solstice' is a beautiful work of raw, chamber pop art and a wonderful conclusion to that album, I get that it has a lower rating because it's not that original, but I believe that it was a right choice to finish like this with an album focusing on instruments and their sounding.

Tl;dr: In this album, Björk succeeds in what she aimed for: using very rare instruments to empower her music even more and go once again a step further into the progressive pop and experimental style she's been digging for years when this LP came out. Sure, some of the songs are not as great as the other ones, but she still manages to get it right on 8 out of 10 songs in my opinion, and when I say get right, I mean that it's truly beautiful.

Track Ratings
1Moon / 96
2Thunderbolt / 100
3Crystalline / 100
4Cosmogony / 90
5Dark Matter / 80
6Hollow / 80
7Virus / 100
8Sacrifice / 100
9Mutual Core / 100
10Solstice / 85
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