(Sandy) Alex G - Rocket
May 18, 2017
(Sandy) Alex G's new album is a beautiful and frustrating listen. Rocket should go down as a companion to Beach Music since both albums explore a myriad of sounds and styles, almost to a fault. On Beach Music especially, the scope of the sound sometimes causes a lack of cohesion.

On Rocket though, Giannascoli blends the different genres and sounds to great effect. We have country-influenced tracks ("Bobby"), a hardcore homage ("Brick"), a Frank Ocean-inspired track featuring vocal manipulation and autotune ("Sportstar"), and those classic Alex-sounding songs ("Big Fish", "Poison Root", "Witch"). Miraculously, none of them feel out of place.

Nonetheless, this genre-mixing will no doubt keep this from being (Sandy) Alex G's breakthrough release. After the underground success of his bandcamp releases and the critical acclaim for the cohesive indie-rock of DSU, Giannascoli was poised for a breakthrough. Instead, we've been given two often-confounding pieces of work that, while clearly showing growth as a songwriter and musician between the two, lack the focus and cohesion necessary to attract widespread acclaim and fandom.

Still, this is a beautiful album that I'd personally rank alongside Trick and DSU as Alex's very best. As a huge fan, I'm just hopeful that one day Giannascoli decides to embrace his potential for a bigger audience.

Favorite tracks: Sportstar, Judge, Big Fish
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