Aug 31, 2018
Easily her best album to date. She finally landed on the right sound to match her magnificent voice. The whole thing just seeps with drama and emotion

Favorite songs: Hunter, Chain
Aug 31, 2018
Homophobic piece of shit
Sep 11, 2017
Zola Jesus' fifth album is a stunning and painful celebration of life. Where Taiga aimed for pop perfection (and ultimately fell a bit short), Okovi returns to the project's roots (a dark, goth-pop sound) while still mixing in some big pop and electronic moments (Exhumed, Remains). This feels like the culmination of Zola Jesus' sound, strengthened by the recurring themes of loss, self-harm, and the will to live in the face of adversity and personal struggle.

Favorite tracks: Witness, Veka, ... read more
Sep 5, 2017
This is brilliant until ACDC brings everything to a screeching halt. Talk about one song ruining an otherwise great album....

Favorite songs: Ariadna, Mermaid, Fire & Water
May 18, 2017
(Sandy) Alex G's new album is a beautiful and frustrating listen. Rocket should go down as a companion to Beach Music since both albums explore a myriad of sounds and styles, almost to a fault. On Beach Music especially, the scope of the sound sometimes causes a lack of cohesion.

On Rocket though, Giannascoli blends the different genres and sounds to great effect. We have country-influenced tracks ("Bobby"), a hardcore homage ("Brick"), a Frank Ocean-inspired track ... read more
May 13, 2017
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On Eminem - Kamikaze
"FOH R68. Changing who can comment on my shit now"
On Eminem - Kamikaze
"Thank you for your response and apology, though. From here on out, I’ll either just quietly award a 0 or publish a review critiquing the person without a score attached."
On Eminem - Kamikaze
"Also, for real, NO ONE is going to try and prove how good of a person they are on a website like this. There has to be only a few thousand users on here, I have like 12 followers, maybe 10 people tops see my reviews. I really don’t care, and my identity is a few steps removed from my account to where what someone thinks/says about me here really has no effect on me in the real world."
On Eminem - Kamikaze
"If there’s a situation where someone is obviously promoting a cause out of selfishness/promoting their own image, then they deserve to be called out, but that’s a lot less common than someone genuinely sticking up for another group or individual, and it’s dangerous/cynical to immediately jump to thinking someone is just self-interested. With this review I was reacting, out of anger, against someone who degraded another gay person."
On Eminem - Kamikaze
"But it also does not come from a place of “virtue signaling” (which I had to look up by the way, was unsure what exactly you meant). That term feels like an extension of the term “social justice warrior”, which people use to invalidate or dismiss messages/actions of empathy. Using those phrases is a slippery slope that encourages tribalism and apathy."
On Eminem - Kamikaze
"I usually quietly award 0s to rapists, abusers, racists, homophobes, etc, just to relish seeing the user score go down a point or two (note, I do not rate anything I have not listened to). When I’m especially pissed and need to vent I publish a review, and that’s what happened here. It’s definitely irrational and emotional, and it certainly does not come from a place of objectivity (to be fair, though, objectivity is almost impossible when it comes to music)."
On Eminem - Kamikaze
"I have no problem if you can separate art from the artist, but I can’t. I can’t objectively listen to something after hearing “faggot” come out of a straight artist’s mouth, not when that word has been thrown at me before (and no, not everyone agrees that homophobes are bad people… there are still a lot of homophobes out there, and especially so here in Texas). "
On Eminem - Kamikaze
"Right? Another thing: I came into this with an open mind because he hasn't been so problematic lately and most of his homophobic stuff is early in his career ("Criminal", yikes). I'm willing to forgive that if he really had turned a corner, but "Fall" just proves he's a homophobic asshole who hasn't learned anything (except to bleep out part of the slur because that somehow makes it less problematic...?!). Yikes!"
On Eminem - Kamikaze
"Also, I came here to delete my review (to avoid conversations like this), but then I saw your comment and it sort of amused me how upset you seemed, so I'm keeping it up. Looks like you commented on my Nas review, too. If I object to a person's character, it ruins their music for me. Sorry, but that's how it is! If I were virtue signalling I would do it on a platform with a bigger user base, btw. There's no reason to "fight" or take a stand here. I was simply venting with my review. "
On Eminem - Kamikaze
"Lol. I'm a gay man and the Tyler diss is unacceptable. "I see why you call yourself a faggot, bitch" coupled with the line about worshipping D12's balls is childish and homophobic, full stop. I am NOT trying to raise awareness, signal virtue, or be brave, and your response to my review was extremely condescending and rude. Stop projecting and try again."
On Pubis_Aches's review of Mitski - Be the Cowboy
"So are you actually going to review the album...? And I'm confused, an artist shouldn't care about their album cover/their typography? That makes no sense"
On Razzle_Dazzle's review of Iceage - Beyondless
On Timbo's review of Iceage - Beyondless
"It leaked! Still won't release officially until May 4th"
On thomasuic's review of Brockhampton - Saturation III
"a 6.5 is far from trashing..."
On DEEPSLEEP's review of LCD Soundsystem - American Dream
""I designed this cover", gives album a 55"
On abdcorner's review of Photay - Onism

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