Green Day - Father of All...
Feb 8, 2020
Not the worst thing I can imagine Green Day putting out but "Father of All..." is still hilarious in a less-than-gracious way.

I don't think I even need to go in details on THAT promotional billboard. Like come on. One of the least "punk" things a self-proclaimed "punk*" band can put out is to shit on modern music (but at least they know their audience).

Green Day (or Billie Joe Armstrong) always hated the label "pop punk," so much to a point that they put out claims to "destroy pop punk" right before they release yet another pop punk record. While listening to Father of All..., I realized how you can basically just add trap beats to all the songs and they will still be as they are structurally. Well, good on Green Day for not having trap beats, I guess. They're just writing pop songs with a lot of guitars in the end. But hey, that somehow makes them superior to whatever the crap that modern pop is, right?

There's really not much to talk about as for the music itself. It's just what you'd expect: an empty shell of what Green Day once was. The more they try to deviate themselves from pop punk, the more pop punk their music becomes... ironically. Billie Joe can still make semi-catchy music, which, to his credit, made the album much more listenable than I expected. A couple songs are still somewhat memorable as I'm writing this. But whatever the fuck "Graffitia" is needs to go to hell.

As someone who would still defend some Green Day songs and albums, I wish the band would stop this "real punk/rock" bullshit, quit living on the legacy they had two decades ago, and start reinventing their sound. They got quite some soul-searching to do.

Congratulations to Green Day for still having guitars on their songs.

*"punk" at a standard where Elton John is the minimum line.

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I need to see that promotional billboard now...
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