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The 1975 - A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships
Nov 28, 2018
One similarity between this and OK Computer: the best track on both albums is the 4th track

Other than that, this album sounds like what happens when your 80s new wave cover band try to be Aphex Twin and Travis Scott at the same time. It had some good moments but also a lot of boring moments that dragged down the album's quality as a whole. The lyrics didn't improve that much unlike some instrumental techniques, although if The 1975 really want to have their music live up to the degree of seriousness and artistry that their pretentious claims and image projects, they should consider doing something different with song structure and the generic drumming. The album flow needs a good amount of improvement as well given that it has the flow of a typical kpop album--a dramatic intro followed by songs that the group actually put effort into to make memorable, then goes down the ballad/r'n'b filler hole.

Now onto the message of the album, which probably already attracted a lot of worshipping from a flock of "woke" people who "like songs with meanings." The more I listen to the lyrics, the more I see that if I don't think about the OK Computer comparison or what Matty already said the album is about, I would see the lyrics as typical millennial/gen z relatable tumblr quotes (which they still are no matter what effort the band puts into marketing the album's inflated ethos). There's even a robotic voice interlude that mimics Fitter Happier! Not so subtle at all. The only song that counts as "social commentary" would be Love It if We Made It, but it still really just states out current events and chaos and concludes that "modernity has failed us..." which honestly isn't exceptional in an era where mainstream music is filled with intentional "wokeness" and activism, most in its core attempt to appeal to its audience more than it tries to spread a message. This album is an answer to OK Computer's paranoia as much as a student answers a multiple choice question with a "yes." I really, REALLY don't see how one would listen to this album without having any bias beforehand and think "Ah, this is our generation's answer to that OK Computer album!" ... Well given that the general demographic audience of The 1975 collide heavily with Lana Del Rey stans saying "radiowho," the possibility of making the connection weakens even more.

In conclusion, this album technically isn't bad, but just mostly boring. However, the pretentiousness of the album and the band during this era further exceeds the weight their music can hold at this time being. I would like to see The 1975 continue down a bold road where they aren't afraid to sacrifice some of their popular appeal for some experimentation (which this band REALLY needed when self-titled came around). I wouldn't call ABIIOR an answer to OK Computer but rather a progress check for society, for that it is more of a collection of different modern societal norms rather than a system that embodies a strong idea and commentary.

P.S. dyelir don't interact
Dec 1, 2018
Dec 2, 2018
oh no, he uses emojis unironically
Dec 2, 2018
oh shit dyelir interacted! time to call the opinions police
Dec 5, 2018
Yeah no, best track of ok computer are all of them, fourth track of this album is a James Blake Track
Dec 5, 2018
@soqquadro OK Computer has many gems but exit music master-race
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