The 1975 - Notes on a Conditional Form
May 22, 2020 (updated May 22, 2020)
EDIT: Just watched Matt's interview with Pitchfork, and him describing this album as "End of Era" and saying that it will be the last The 1975 album 'in ages' is even more disappointing. Why end an era with such a drab and bloated album like this one is such a questionable decision that I don't think I will get an answer to. If he did that with A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, I would be a little sad but happy that the last album in ages was a fucking amazing record. But for NOACF to get that title is enraging. No distinct concept is found on NOACF, and just feels like a compilation of ideas the band had and wanted to release. One random noise rock inspired song, Pop rock, Garage.. Like stop I'm getting a headache at this point. Anyways, wanted to rant really quick, hope you enjoy the review. ly <3

no. Also shut up NME

Just no. This is probably the most disappointing album of the year so far. I'm not hyperbolizing, I'm not exaggerating for the 'effect', I'm genuinely confused as of what happened since A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationship. Maybe Kesha was a little more disappointing, but nonetheless, this is just awful.

Notes on a conditional form is one of my lost anticipated albums of the year, especially after listening to the aforementioned A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. Yes it's pretentious, yes it's sometimes a little too `emotional sad moment πŸ˜”πŸ˜”` and/or `edgy πŸ’€`, but man donI love the HELL out of it. Give yourself a try is a great pop rock that interpolates Joy Divions and make the song even better imo. TooTimeTooTimeTooTime might be my favorite on the album alongside How To Draw / Petrichor and I Always Want To Die Sometimes, and I feel like it gets way way WAY too much hate. Is it generic sort of dancehall inspired stuff I guess? 100%. But man, it's just too fun to disregard it. We have cheerful moments like It's Not Living If It's not With You and I Couldn't be More in Love, and more somber tracks like Mine and Surrounded by Head and Bodies. There is honestly almost no filler on here, not even the pretty questionable The Man Who Married a Robot / Love Theme except for Inside Your Mind and Be My Mistake, these tracks are just too sad for their own good, removing most of the bits of entertainment I got from them, and just kind of ruin the flow of the album. But overall, it's just a fun and enjoyable but also sometimes sad pop rock album, I lobe it (•Μ€α΄—•Μ).

Sadly, that entertainment didn't occur while listening to NOACF... wow, I'm honestly surprised at how much this sucks. This all just one big giant greasy blob monstrosity, with saliva and booger, dripping down its face. What I'm trying to say is that this is one of the drabbest and most bloated album I have ever heard in my life. Hell, even Miley Cyrus' Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz didn't feel this lifeless and long, and that album was even longer. The only real highlights you will find on here are some of the singles and a very very small number of new song, the rest is just, for the garbage. And those aren't even that high, their just masterpieces compared to songs like What should i say and Having no head. Song ideas are recycled like 3 ideas (One i caught was the use of really similar Garage beats on Frail State of mind and Yeah i know, i think a third one as well, i'm too lazy to check this album is too forgettable. Same for the short interlude e.g. The end and Streaming. Both come basically next to each other, with just one song between them, and they don't have enough differences for the need of both to exist. Both are short, and have layered instruments. They're not completely identical, but man are they damn close. Ok i will stop rambling on).

There is no need to check out the entire album, just check out the singles, Then Because she goes and I think there's something you should know, and just move on with your day. No need to waste an hour and 20 minutes of your precious life time that i wasted listening to this and reviewing it now. Anyways let's talk about some specific songs.

I didnt find the intro really interesting at all, it honestly just bores me. Feels like a class presentation to me, but at least it's done well. Doesn't really attract the listeners, or makes them understand the barely existent concept, it's just... an intro. People weirdly enough is the band at their most aggressive and most out of the box, with a post-hardcore song. From the vocals to the production to the lyrics, everything about this track is just in your face. It about to kiss you πŸ₯ΊπŸ‘‰πŸ‘ˆ. And it's one of the best things on here. Sadly, this is the only taste of this sound on here, instead we get offensively bad songs like Roadkill, What should i say, Having no head, Shiny collarb- I could stay here all day listing the horrendous tracks on here, but i will hold my hatred in. I literally have nothing else to say about the rest of the tracks, even the ones i liked, it's all mixing together in my brain i cant tell which song is which make it stop- Guys is a really nice closer to this shitshow, and it's easily my favorite here. It weirdly has a sort of dreamy sound, some slight shoegaze influences, and some parts sound really similar to some songs off of Time N Place by Kero Kero Bonito. It just sounds really optimistic, and though the topic and lyrics are pretty childish and tongue and cheek, i just can't help myself and just swing around in my room. Yeah i know is probably the worst song here alongside What should i say? Garage just doesn't work with The 1975, and it really weird and not in a good way. Matt's 'vocals' if you can even call them that feel lifeless and the effects don't help at all, and honestly makes them even more mind-numbingly annoying. As for the other contender for worst song, we have What should i say. The production is sub par, i cant even focus on the lyrics with this voice effect. ITS SO DISTRACTING UGHSHSH.. And it just all in all sounds generic and ugly. Like why even try at this point.

The 1975 come back 2 years after their great album ABIIOR with one hell of a disappointment album. Bloated and generic, this album remakes old ideas and make them watered down and just downright awful. The singles were cool, but everything else feels unnecessary and lowkey horrible.

--Best tracks: People, Frail State of Mind, Then Because She Goes, Guys
--Worst tracks: basically everything else
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