The Mars Volta - Frances the Mute
Oct 15, 2019 (updated Oct 16, 2019)
Imagine being Pitchfork lmao... that would be awful.

The Mars Volta is an American Progressive Rock band formed in El Paso, texas, in 2001. Their name has been thrown out a lot in the music scene, especially the Rock scene (for some obvious reasons), being named the best Progressive Rock band ever by The Rolling Stones.

Before Frances the Mute, they released their debut studio album De-Loused in the Comatorium in 2003. It received critical acclaim even though Frances the Mute is more respected and loved by the music scene. so i don't know.

Ok, so. It's 2005. The Mars Volta release Frances the Mute, the masterpiece.

Frances the Mute is the sophomore studio album by The Mars Volta, and it's really one of the best albums of all time and one of my only 10/10's. Apparently the concept is that someone's mom got kidnapped raped and murdered and after that he went on a manhunt to go kill the people who did that to her. That's why in the beginning of CG you hear him say "I think i've become one of them", them being murderers (thanks @demon).

Frances the Mute's instrumentation is some of the best I've heard on any album. The instrumentation is able to add to the concept of the album without needing any lyrics. This album has some of the best songs of all times like Cassandra Gemini, a 32 minute epic experience of a song, divided into multiple parts, that I would call every second of it perfect and has no flaws.

-- Cygnus...Vismund Cygnus: Such a beautiful way to open up the album. It's a perfect song, every second of its 13 minutes of it is alluring. It's almost a fully instrumental track that I don't find boring at any moment, on the contrary, I feel like it's in a way very energetic, the riffs, the drums, the instrumentation, everything about this track is absolutely perfect, every single thing is a the perfect timing, the perfect length, the mixing... like everything is equal to each other, an instrument does overpower over another, they're all at the same level: 10/10

--The Widow: Compared to the first track, this is sort of an interlude, this song is is 6 minutes, while the first track is 13 minutes, so The Widow is sort of a breather after the length of the first track. This is giving me more of an acoustic rock feeling, being calm at the verses, but breaks free during the short but releasing chorus. This song is literally the definition of melancholia, it's dramatic but in a great way, not like these hoes in school. This song sounds like all the anger held in by the singer and the listener is breaking out of their chest, breaking their rip cage, making their eyes red, giving them wings, and transforms them into sort of a demon, but all that power is taken away after a couple of seconds because God so: 10/10

-- L'Via L'Viaquez: OH MY GOD THIS TRACK IS A FUCKING INSANE SPANISH BANGER. This track opens up in the most perfect: A FUCKING AGGRESSIVE ASS FUCKING ELECTRIC GUITAR RIFF. SHIT! The singer sounds like a punk, and I fucking love that. Even though I don't understand what he's saying, I love his performance. The small pauses between almost every chorus gives us a small time to inhale the scream singing (?) of the lead singer: 10/10

--Miranda That Ghost Just Isn't Holy Anymore: This is probably the only track that isn't a 10/10. That doesn't mean that I don't like it, remember, I love every single second of Frances the Mute, it's just that there are moments I prefer more than others, including this song. I would rather not have three minutes in the beginning of nothingness, but after these three minutes, we actually get a good song. I would say that this is the most chill song on this album. I would compare this song to Some Things We Do by Swans. Both songs have one of the most aggressive songs as a predecessor, and followed by also one of the longest and most aggressive songs on the album: 9/10

-- Cassandra Gemini:

The Mars Volta DID THAT... do i even start:

Cassandra Gemini is one of my favorite songs of all time, even though I listened to the separated version of the album, I can tell that the whole song as one is also amazing, but I personally feel more comfortable with shorter songs, not a long ass 30 minute song. I'm gonna review some of the different parts of the song, but I'm gonna keep them short and straight to the point because boi I ain't got tiime:

-- The way this song starts with the "title track" is amazing. The instrumentation as always is flawless, the singer's performance is immaculate, the lyrics are genius. Everything about this amazing to the point where it honestly could make me cry: 10/10

-- Tarantism is the song that follows Cassandra Gemini, and it is as beautiful as the first one. Similar to the first song, Tarantism is an electric guitar b-b-b-banger. As always the singer sounds confident and badass, but sorta sad at the same time, which makes his delivery even more emotionally charged, giving it the potential to make me cry tears of joy and happiness: 10/10

Next surprisingly as some of my favorite moments are the two interludes at the end of the album:

-- Multiple Spouse Wounds, though a 46 second short track, has a small potential being my favorite song on here. The band doesn't waste any second on this track, spewing an aggressive track at us in 3/4 of a minute, but at the same track sort of feels like a full track. It's similar to the album Kids See Ghosts: Though being only 21 minutes and 7 tracks long, and compared to Kanye and Cudi's album lengths before that, it's sort of an EP, but it feels like a full album, with highs in positivity like 4th Dimension, but also lows like Reborn. It really is such an interesting track: 10/10

And lastly.. FINALLY we have:

-- Sarcophagi: This song is a fully acoustic song that is only 53 seconds, but I feel like this is one of the most important tracks. This song is needed because it gives us a feeling of safety after the huge storm that this album was. I think of it as rain and storms; when the storm is striking and the rain is falling, making it impossible for someone to be able to transport without getting the flu the next day. But after that disaster, we can see the beauty of the nature covered in water, and seeing the atmosphere, smelling the fresh smell of the water that fallen down from the sky.

Great review damn
How tf do you write reviews like these but also write shit like "City girl kinda hot ngl tbh ngl tbh ngtl tbh"
@Toasterqueen12 i like to have fun around here
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