Nov 7, 2019 (updated Nov 13, 2019)
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magdalene by fka twigs

tahliah barnett, better known as fka twigs, is a british singer songwriter that has grown to be one of my favorite artists in the past tear or so. the way she blends elements of ambient pop, electronic music, and alternative r&b is fucking beautiful, matched with her great songwriting ability is just... wow.

She started her musical career with definitely my least favorite project of hers, EP1, in 2012. it definitely showed some potential on songs like weak spot, but other than that, EP1 is just a boring, drab, and just bad ep. the only great song is the aforementioned weak spot, and the rest is just bad. like... pretty bad. but thankfully, the next step in her career was in the right direction, with her releasing the follow-up to EP1, EP2, in 2013. how can someone improve so much in such a short amount of time? EP2 features some of twigs' best moments like water me and papi pacify. it does have low points like the last track, ultraviolet. it's kind of uninteresting and boring, but other than that, fka did a great job with EP2, bringing the best out of Arca, a producer I'm pretty mixed about. on a roll, tahliah releases her debut album, LP1, in 2014, and it's definitely my favorite album of hers. from the intro to kicks, lp1 is a great body of work that is elegant, beautiful, and freaking awesome. all of the tracks feature these amazing and angelic vocal performances from twigs. lights on, video girl, numbers, kicks.. all of it, except for two songs: pendulum and closer. pendulum is such a drag, like five minutes for a song that has the same melody for almost the whole track, nu uh. and closer is just... weird, gives me a bad vibe for some reason. in 2015, fka twigs releases her most experimental project to date, M3LL155X, pronounced Melissa. on this EP, you have this disturbing on songs like Figure 8 and Mothercreep and parts of I'm Your Doll, smooth sort of R&B type stuff like Glass & Patron, and some futuristic shit like In Time, that has grown on me enormously since my first listen. The lowest point on here is definitely Mothercreep though. that track is just forgettable, I don't remember anything from it, but the other songs on here are fucking phenomenal. fka took a hiatus after that, and came back im 2019 with her second studio album, MAGDALENE. how was it?

MAGDALENE is an album which presents tahliah in this vulnerable state. she isn't making these forward thinking songs anymore. she strips down, goes more traditional, using music as sort of an escape route, and therapeutic reasons, but I don't really like that direction she's going in. with this new sound, on one hand, we have more potential to feel extremely bored and uninterested, especially on songs such as thousand eyes and mary magdalene. I almost fell asleep listening to these tracks. but on the other hand, we have these insanely raw and beautiful songs like cellophane, mirrored heart, and home with you which I would call literal masterpieces. twigs isn't only making ballads though, she tries yo have fun on the amazing song, holy terrain. though the inclusion of future is sort of... questionable, the track with only twigs is such an awesome and fun track. it has these sort of tribal samples over a trap beat, which is pretty interesting for an artist like fka twigs, which I feel mostly sings over these minimalistic instrumentals, except for m3ll155x, which is pretty fucking explosive. now that I talked about some of my favorite moments, let's talk about some of the worse. thousand eyes made me want to rip my ears out. it's not that it sounds horrible, it's just boring to the point where I actually feel offended that someone approved such an emotionless drag of a song. I would say the same about mary magdalene, but that track was at least tolerable. at first I liked fallen alien, but then after some relistens, I noticed how fucking weird, in a bad way, this track is. the effects on twigs' voice sound pretty awful, and the instrumental is.. h. i know it's suppose to feel "alienated" and "out of this world", but it falls flat on its face, and makes a questionable track. and lastly, daybed. this track isn't all that bad, I actually like tahliah's vocals a lot, but my problem with most of the album is repeated here: it's a boring, forgettable, and indistinguishable track. like I cannot tell you the difference between some if the track, making it a pretty repetitive album. fka twigs is has enormous, and I mean, ENORMOUS potential to make a classic in the ambient pop genre, but if she continues in this route, all my excitement I've had for her will most probably be gone. I will still be listening to her new and old albums after that, but if she makes another album this stripped down, boring, indistinguishable, and repetitive, she'll lose some of the respect I had for her. overall though, it's an album with a pretty good amount of positives, but compared to her other projects, this is a meh album. I also want to add that this is more electronic oriented than her last album, so that's nice. still a 63 though >>:((

thousand eyes: 1/10 (edit: 8.5)
home with you: 9/10
sad day: 8/10
holy terrain: 9.5/10
mary magdalene: 2.5/10
fallen alien: 3/10
mirrored heart: 10/10
daybed: 5/10 (edit: 4)
cellophane: 10/10
Nov 7, 2019
Fallen alien is a beautiful track;((
Nov 8, 2019
damn your track ratings sure can get harsh lol
Nov 8, 2019
it seems like you're pretty mixed with the album, many songs 10/10, many 1/10
Nov 8, 2019
Seriously? Mary Magdalene and Thousand eyes are the most beautiful tracks.
Nov 8, 2019
/\ I'm closing my open commenting for the day, lmao
Nov 8, 2019
Agreed, except with the score of Mary Magdalene, i find the chorus pretty solid and love the iconography presented in the song, great review tho!
Nov 9, 2019
Personally I think fallen alien is one of the best songs of the year
Dec 9, 2019
omg the rating of mary magdalene and fallen alien killed me though, hoping that both grow on you like thousand eyes e.e
Dec 9, 2019
ah and surprised that u didn't remember the "I'll be there soooooon..." sung on Mothercreep. It's what keeps stucked in my head of this track until today. But overall, it really is the most forgettable
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