Danny Brown - uknowhatimsayin¿
Oct 3, 2019 (updated Oct 4, 2019)
Danny Brown is an American rapper that has been one of my favorite artist over the last 7 months. Everything about him is unique, from his topics, to his voice, even down to the beats he uses, he really is the definition of experimental.

The Hybrid was his first official project released in 2010 to minimal commercial success, but pretty good reviews.

After that, his breakthrough project was released a year later, XXX. XXX features even to this day one of Danny's wildest and craziest performances, and it's really when he started using his crazy ass voice we all know and love. The album is one of the funnest and most rememberable hip hop and rap albums of the 2010's. XXX is still talked about to this day, almost 8 years after it came out, some even saying it's better than.. wait. XXX received widespread critical acclaim from critics and fans alike, praising it for its crazy experimentation while still being accessible, and Danny's very well-written lyrics.

Old came after that. It's his bangers album for sure, bringing a lot of guest appearances like A$AP Rocky, Freddie Gibbs, ScHoolboy Q, even fucking Charli XCX. The album is more generic than XXX, and clearly made for charts. We all of these guests on the songs, the album peaked at number 17 on the Billboard 200. Even though received very good reviews, fans were still more fond of XXX than Old.

Atrocity Exhibition.. God is it good. Ok.. so, Atrocity Exhibition is where Danny descends into madness, and his life spirals out of control, falling into a Downward Spiral. This album is where Danny REALLY shines. The instrumentation is flawlessly disturbing. Danny's rapping and flow is incredible, probably the best of 2016. And his subject matter is saddening, dark, and twisted. Atrocity Exhibition produced arguably five of Danny's best songs to date, Ain't It Funny, Lost, Goldust, When It Rain, and Pneumonia. These tracks are probably in my top 30 songs of 2016, Ain't It Funny being the highest, because I'm a basic bitch. Atrocity Exhibition received incredibly widespread critical acclaim, some even claiming it's one of the best albums of all time...

uknowhatimsaying? is next and... well.. it's sort of... what is uknowhatimsaying?? Well..

uknowhatimsaying? Is easily, very very easily, Danny's WORST project to date. Like, you're meaning to tell me that: Danny himself chose that he doesn't want to make experimental music anymore. Now he wants to make a boring faux-deep lyrical rap album that is a chore to listen to. Hmmmm.. THAT SHIT DONT ADD UP.

It's probably the label, telling him to go in a more mainstream direction, because, they saw Atrocity Exhibition's numbers on the charts, and saw that it wasn't enough. Don't get me wrong, uknowhatimsaying? is still a somewhat good project, with highlights like Savage Nomad and Dirty Laundry, that is definitely better in the context of the album. I'm just saying that, compared to Atrocity Exhibition and XXX, this album is a very boring, uninteresting, and somewhat of a chore to listen to. Oh and btw both of Obongjayar's tracks suck dick.

Now that I said almost all of the negatives on this album, let's focus on the positive stuff:

1. Danny still has a personality and is easily recognizable. Even though I believe this is Danny at his worst, he still has one of the most unique voices in hip hop and music in general, making him easily recognizable

2. WE👏HAVE👏US👏SOME👏BANGERZ👏. 3 Tearz, Negro Spiritual, and Savage Nomad make for one of the best songs on here. Even they don't touch the rest of Danny's catalogue, they're still pretty great

3. And lastly, The features aren't that bad: Other than Obongjayar, the rest of the features are great additions to the tracks

Overall, this was an alright to meh album, that is Danny's worst, blandest, and most mainstream he's ever sounded

Favorites: Theme Song, Dirty Laundry, 3 Tearz, Savage Nomad, Negro Spiritual, Combat
Oct 3, 2019
"please like this"
Oct 4, 2019
"please like this"
Oct 4, 2019
"please like this"
Oct 4, 2019
"please like this"

(this review has gotta be a fishing hook waitin' to be bit on.. holy)
Oct 4, 2019
"It's probably the label, telling him to go in a more mainstream direction, because, they saw Atrocity Exhibition's numbers on the charts, and saw that it wasn't enough."

I very, very much doubt this, as Danny is signed to Warp Records, a label renowned for the experimental and underground artists they sign.
Oct 4, 2019
I mean, more mainstream sound here is like saying merzbow’s going more experimental by going from harsh noise to ambient. Nothing about this is mainstream, at least in this decade. Maybe, maybe the 90s
Oct 5, 2019
Don't see how something experimental in the 2010's could be mainstream in the 90's lmao
Oct 6, 2019
@Thenotoriousbig i only say that cuz this album album is exec produced by q tip. like meat puppets or butthole surfers wouldn't have gotten any radio play without kurt cobain cosigning them cuz their music is weird asf
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