Poppy - I Disagree
Jan 11, 2020 (updated Jan 11, 2020)
A lot's been happening recently

Over the past few months, it feels like the world has been chaos, and as hateful and agonizing as ever. There is a possibility of a Third World War happening. Missiles being thrown from a country to another, most notably, as most of you guys know, Iran and the United States of America. And because of that families have been affected, and countries that had nothing to do with the "war" between the two countries feeling obligated to interfere, like Russia. My home country has been protesting against the government for about two months now, and won't stop any time soon (they have been less frequent though, thankfully). Families have been put in complete misery, people were being killed, and is probably the worst economic crisis after the Civil War (that lasted between 1975 and 1990 fyi), with some people not finding jobs, and some killing themselves because of it. and i have a shitload of tests and quizzes, presentations next week, but here i am writing reviews instead of, maybe studying? i don't want to study, it just stresses me out, especially if i'm studying for a test, and music is an escape route for me, but i have been listening to it less and less, so i have less and less time to "escape". my mom helps me with my homework, and i feel like that's the only thing she talks about. and all of this rage and harrow in the world is packed in a black gift box, wrapped nicely with a cute, pink bow, and presented as Poppy's third studio album, I Disagree.

Poppy expresses herself on this album, talking about disagreeing with executives, either in the ones in their label, telling her to change her image, and become more mainstream ("I disagree with all of the reasons you're mad at me"), or either in the people ruling their country, with some being really self-centered, and if their problems are solved, then the world is okay, which... um... doesn't work like that if you're a regular human being. they also talk about the hypocrisy of people, and whole lot of other shtuff that i'm not in the mood to say rn, so let's just get started!

concrete is the first single and first song on the album, opening up the album with a BANG! the mix of pop, metal, and sometimes pop-rock work im such a natural manner it's actually kind of impressive. the chorus is a literal bubblegum pop with some heavy guitars, but the rest is a dark and eerie song. the "TUNENENENE" riff is absolutely amazing and i love it so much πŸ₯Ί. the track ends off with a pretty cute pop-rock, and is easily the happiest part of the song. this track is just a big, fat, and hot mess, but the messiness of it comes to its advantage, making the track interesting all throughout.

i disagree was the second single off the album, and WOOOOW.. I DIDNT THINK THEY WOULD OUT-DO CONCRETE, AN ALREADY AMAZING SONG, BUT HERE WE ARE! it's heavy, it's uncomfortable in the verses ,
but it sounds really hopeful and cheerful on a way on the chorus. really amazing track.
bloodmoney... wow... that was... 𝔦𝔫𝔱𝔒𝔫𝔰𝔒...
BOOM DING BOOM DING. Poppy's mad guys, Don't make Poppy mad! Because that's what happens when Poppy's mad and feels betrayed!

fill the crown is at the same time one of the heaviest tracks, the softer track, and the most artificial with a good amount of electronic effects, more specifically on the "fill the crown". The part before that makes for the label of the softest track, being really reminiscent of their Am I A Girl era i dont know why lole! and the chorus is the heavy part of the song. intense. a guy who's identity i dont know is added to make the track super "spooky black metal guy that sounds like a frag haha", and i personally would rather only hear poppy's voice, but ok i guess.
sick of the sun is one of the more sensual tracks in the tracklist, and i like it a lot. in a way, it reminds me a little of a track The Weeknd would make, but if the tempo was a little faster and if he was an e-boy, and that's weird! Yea so Poppy made an Alt. R&B song, and it's really soothing after all the chaos.

it definitely feels like a great closer for the album, and i might've given it a higher score in this context, but Poppy said: "Nah, let's add a boring, uninteresting, six minute track in the form of Don't go outside. Maaaan this song drags. MAAAAN DOES IT SUCK ASSSS! It's wonderfully awful!! Beautifully Boring! AND AMAZINGLY dragged out for no God forsaken reason or than... I CANT EVEN THINK OF WHY THEY WOULD GIVE THIS TRACK A PASS AND LET IT BE ON THE ALBUM. And the best thing is *drumroll* it's not even the worst song on this LP.

Bite Your Teeth... AAAAAAAAHAHAHJSISBWKWHZKSJSHSNSNDLDJD THIS IS SO FUNNY IN ALL THE WRONG REASONS NSJSNDKDMD.. Why is this so funny to me. Hearing Poppy sing over a metal instrumental that has some small elements of grindcore is such a funny concept to me. And the chorus is just so damn corny it's actually hilarious. "Don't Cry just keep on Trying" sounds like those quotes that instagram gyals put as their caption with some kind of emoji (e.g. "πŸ’•" or "🌠"). Its only quality is the first chorus, that was cute πŸ₯° but other than that, this is an awful awful doo doo pee pee track.


Poppy is still my mommy, but this album was a little disappointing, compared to poppy.conputer, which is easily one of my favorite pop albums period, with the singles being the best songs on the album, some riffs sounding really basic and sort of like loops taken from Garageband, they just sound weird. Poppy had something on Choke, and i dont know why that ambition and greatness wasn't followed on I Disagree.

Concrete: 9/10
I Disagree: 9.5/10
Bloodmoney: 8.5/10
Anything like me: 8/10
Fill the crown: 9/10
Nothing i need: 4/10
Sit / Stay: 8/10
Bite your teeth: 2/10
Sick of the sun: 7.5/10
Don't Go Outside: 2.5/10
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