Denzel Curry - 13LOOD IN + 13LOOD OUT MIXX
Jan 7, 2020 (updated Jan 8, 2020)
13lood In + 13lood Out is the first, i suppose, "megamix" (i guess, this thing is really confusing) orchestrated by florida rapper denzel curry, known for "fast raps" and "AGGRESSIVE"-ness, but i've never been a huge fan of this guy, and this project proves my slight dislike of the guy's music. after ta13oo released, denzel has transitioned into making more banger type rap songs, with zuu being the first step in this direction, and man was that album mediocre, but it did have some awesome songs like ricky and birdz, but overall the album just felt like a big mishmash of "13ANGERZ", that had no cohesion, and just felt like a big fat mess. with 13lood In + 13lood Out, though an improvement from zuu, is a mediocre at best project, with it feeling rushed and incomplete, with most tracks ranging from one to two minutes in length, making this an eight track long project that is only thirteen minutes.
intro is a pretty meh way to set us up for this train-wreck. it's an instrumental track with one of the most uninteresting beats i've heard on a denzel track. it's basically a whirly sample that is barely hearable, and the drum kit is really basic. maybe it would've been better if denzel rapped over it, but what do i know. even though i really dislike this track, it's just an intro so i won't rate... what follows this track...
BIIIIIIITCH OH MY GOD, CHARLIE SHEEN REALLY MIGHT BE DENZEL'S BEST "SONG", OH MY GOD, REALLY WHAT THE FUCK IT'S SO FUCKING AWESOME. denzel and ghostemane both have great performances, and oh my god the chemistry between the two is impeccable. this track is the definition of mayhem: the beat is REALLY AND I MEAN REALLY BASS HEAVY; denzel literally growls his lyrics, and ghostemane just... does what ghostemane does really great here. just listen to this track please. the same could be said for evil twin. it's a really aggressive track, with the bass being really heavy. zillakami belongs on a track like this, which is why his performance is so great. but my only complaint is that this feels too much like a city morgue song, making it unoriginal.
this is where the project falls apart. false gods freestyle is honestly horrid freestyle, but it still somehow manages to be a little better than the other songs. the flow is unoriginal, and just that mic... that damn audio quality makes me want to commit 𝔑𝔬 𝔬𝔡𝔢𝔀𝔫. no pen no pad just sounds like a throwaway off of zuu or that third disc off ta13oo, but with less energy, and way less genius. i'mma just go listen to vengeance and percz! and some of the lyrics made me... speechless for all the wrong reasons: ("Most of you niggas is lost might as well call you virginity yo
Fuck a rap name, fuck a rap chain
Fuck the whole game, impregnate
Abort my kids upon her face
Fuck a new bitch in the next day") like bro.

happily, this megamix ends with a great track. i really like denzel's attitude, and the feature actually add something to the track. Fun Fact: I thought the feature was EL-P, so that was disappointing to see that i was wrong.

ugh im so tired im
gonna just sleep goodnight

intro: N/A
Charlie Sheen: 9.5/10
evil twin: 7.6/10
welcome to the future: 2.5/10
false gods freestlyle: 2.5/10
px6shxd shxt: 2/10
no pen no pad: 3/10
gogeta: 8/10
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