Arca - KiCk i
Jun 25, 2020

Arca is an artist I’ve always wanted to love, mostly for the way they experiment with different genres such as glitch, electronic, and pop, creating a sound all her own. However, it just doesn’t work for me. The only other project I’ve from them is Mutant, and it just didn’t work with me. I felt as if it was too long for its own good and just forgettable. But I just decided to ignore it and that maybe she’ll come back with better stuff… And I heard the first single off of KiCk i: Nonbinary.

On first listen, it didn’t really click with me. But after more listens, it just grew and grew until it has become one of my favorite singles of the year. On this song, Arca goes more into Experimental Hip Hop territories, with some hints of Glitch, and man does it go hard. The lyrics aren’t really anything special, mostly just Braggadocio rap, but what I really love about this song is the sound of it. Arca’s deep voice rides over this minimalistic production and just acting like a badass f*cking bitch… and then; the drop. The gunshot-Esque sounds are absolutely epic and simply amazing, and Arca just goes off. Nonbinary is just an epic first single, and definitely one of the greatest singles of the year so far, and slowly became one of my most played songs ever.

After listening to Nonbinary, KiCk i has become one of the albums I’m most anticipating for 2020. I know there was a leak, but I just wanted to wait for the album to drop officially. And it finally to do it. Did Arca deliver a great album with great abrasive bangers such as Nonbinary? Well, yes and no. Let me explain…

On KiCk i, we get two sides of Arca: The ‘Banger’ Arca (the one I prefer), and the more 'Sentimental’ Arca. I feel like the sentimental side of this album gives us the weaker and more forgettable tracks on here. Some are great like Time, but songs like Calor, Afterwards, and the unnecessarily stretched out outro are songs that I really dislike and are, yet again, very forgettable. But one song I would like to focus on is Afterwards, that has a feature from the legend, Björk… Ms. Guðmundsdóttir, um.. what the fuck are you doing here. I love the shit out of Björk, but I personally think she's running out of ideas, and I think this feature made me think about Björk, and this may be controversial, but I think Björk should retire. She has been in the music industry for over 40 YEARS now, and I think that she has a great discography, and that she should stop making music, leaving us this great discography untouched. Now, I would be sad, but it just makes sense. On this feature, she is giving what she has been giving us before, and nothing really different from what she usually does. And I’m honestly scared for Björk, but oh well, I guess we just have to that her next album’s great because Utopia wasn't really that good, and neither was this feature-

ANYWAYS, some of my favorite songs on here are on the more abrasive side, such as Nonbinary, Mequetrefe, Riquiquí, Watch, and KLK. I’m just gonna group them in a singular category since they're all pretty similar. This collection of tracks take influences from Reggaeton, Glitch, and Electronic to create some real Bad Bitch anthems, especially Nonbinary and Watch. While these two last songs I don't imagine being played at a club, i sure hope KLK gets played at one, though still really experimental, at least for club music, I think everyone would be having a good ass time.

Though not all of the banger tracks are good or enjoyable, and here come these two songs: La Chíqui and Rip the Slit. Now, it hurts me that I have to out La Chíqui on here, as it was one of the tracks I was excited the most for since it feature the Goddess Herself SOPHIE. Her parts were great (at least what I think are her parts), but everything around that is just.. It's just annoying, especially that repetition of “Menéalo” in the beginning, ruining any sort of enjoyment for the track. And i don't know , i dont have much to say about Rip and Slit, it's just uninteresting, yet irritating at the same time :/

So.. KiCk i.. Does it have good songs? Absolutely, is it enjoyable? Sort of.. but was it worth the hype I gave it? No. The highs are really high, but the lows are really low, and those lows really have a bad impact on this project, making it overall feel messy. Like you don't know if you're getting a sentimental track or a banger. And it's not a good thing like “You don’t know what you're expecting!;!!!(!;!”, you know what you're gonna get, you just don't know when you're gonna get it. Overall has this made me an Arca fan? No, but will I keep streaming Nonbinary AKA the best song on the album? ABSOLUTELY!!!!

--Best Tracks: Nonbinary, Time, Mequetrefe, Watch, KLK
--Meh Tracks : La Chíqui, Machote
--Least Favorites: Calor, Afterwards, Rip the Slit, No Quede Nada
Jun 26, 2020
I have a feeling we like the complete opposite sides of the album
6d ago
Our opinions on this album could probably not be any more aligned
5d ago
"Old lady should retire" gtfo
4d ago
I agree with a lot of this review but I think it’s a bit weird to say that Björk should retire just because you personally didn’t like this feature or Utopia. Yes she’s been in the music industry for 40 years but plenty of other artists have been in it for longer. And I don’t think she’s running out of creativity, her tours continue to be innovative and majestic, her photoshoots and visuals are still extremely interesting and even musically she’s not doing the same things each album. Also I don’t think one feature on an Arca album completely shows the directions she’s going to go for the next record. She makes music for herself and it’s a bit weird to say she shouldn’t express herself creatively anymore just because you don’t like what she’s putting out recently.
4d ago
@trevor3k42 i agree mostly with what youre saying. it was a thought in the moment that i wrote down and should've put more thought into. there are definitely more sounds björk can experiment with and me saying that she should retire is a bit extreme. i really love her and has made some of my favorite albums ever. while i dont think she should retire completely, she should take a hiatus or something to really perfect her next album. albums where she takes longer breaks are definitely better (vulnicura, vespertine etc..), and well she can make albums in a shorter amount of time and turn out phenomenal such as homogenic, she can make an album in the same amount of time and see it as her worst album yet, being utopia (both took 2 years to make). thanks for your input, and writing a somewhat lengthy comment, appreciate it, and i definitely see where you're coming (also excuse this for being a little messy,english isn't my first language and i like to perfect it when i write reviews :/)
4d ago
@MothaOfMotha12 I definitely see where you’re coming from and I agree that her albums that take longer to perfect are my personal favourites. Interestingly enough bjork very recently mentioned that there might be another record within the next year or two.
2d ago
lol, do you really consider calor, afterwards and no queda nada, which have beautiful lyrics and beautiful vocals unlike of the rest of the songs from the album, as the worst tracks? disgusting and tasteless
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