Charli XCX - how i'm feeling now
May 14, 2020
She don't miss ๐Ÿ’ฏ

Charli XCX is an artist that has never failed to disappoint me after she started doing her more Bubblegum Bass sound. True Romance and Sucker had their highlights, and songs like Famous, Doing It, and You (Ha Ha Ha) still bang to this day, none of them are as good as her music that came after. She had one of the best songs of the 2010's, Vroom Vroom, with the whole EP having some of the most fun and forward thinking pop music at the time, and easily making it her best work to date. Her two mixtapes released in 2017 also had a lot amazing stuff on their, mostly being on Pop 2, but Number 1 Angel was also great. Songs like Babygirl, Drugs, and I Got It are undeniable bangers, with songs like ILY2, Lucky, and TRACK 10 showing the more emotional side in these two mixtapes. As for Charli, well it just takes everything good about her previous projects, and progressing on it. Click, Shake It and February 2017 are some of the best moments in her career period, and the album as a whole doesn't have filler, just some meh moments for me like Official and 2099, but it really is one of the best pop albums from 2019

And here we are in 2020, one of the scariest years I've lived in, or at least scary in comparison to every year up to this point. Lots of albums and movies delayed, stuck in isolation for about 3 months at this point, an economic crisis in my country, and instead of canceling an album she's working on, she made one in this quarantine in one month, only. And man, she made a banger album in one month. Now it hasn't been done before. Visions by Grimes is one of my favorite albums ever and it was in 3 weeks in a pretty similar fashion. Charli made it in quarantine, and Grimes made it in a 3 week isolation in her room, but even with that, it's still a pretty awesome achievement. As for the music, well it sounds pretty layed back bubblegum bass and electropop that isn't as polished as her previous album, and that gives it this quirkiness and.. ahem.. ๐ผ๐‘›๐‘‘๐‘–๐‘’ feel to it. It doesn't feel overproduced or expensive, it's just a fun but also "sit alone in my room and cry" type album. And the cover fits the album's shtick very well. Just a picture of Charli, laying back, and just straight VIBEING dude.

๐—ฃ๐—ฟ๐—ฒ-๐—”๐—น๐—ฏ๐˜‚๐—บ ๐—ฅ๐—ฒ๐—น๐—ฒ๐—ฎ๐˜€๐—ฒ:
Forever is the first taste we got of this, and that was an amazing start. The chorus is catchy as hell, and was stuck in my head for days like- "I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU FOREVER, EVEN THOUGH WE'RE NOT TOGETHER". The production is definitely messy, and barely audible, drowned in all the noise. The same thing with her vocals, but at least I can hear what she's saying. Although I can ignore that, and don't get me wrong, I love this song to death, it's just a criticism I have for it. A combination of romance and sadness, Forever is a great way to open up the Era. Claws was definitely a song that needed time for me to enjoy, and after a bunch of listens, I can safely say that this is a banger and a half. I felt as though it was a little generic for me, and sounded a little like 100 gecs or something, which makes sense since Dylan Brady produced it, and though this is still sort of true, who said I don't enjoy 100 gecs. I think being short benefits it, making it replayable to death, and I mean death. The hook is a little repetitive, but that makes it even catchier than the production. That beat muthafuckin BANGS!! And after the melancholy of Forever, we definitely needed something to bang our head to. The last single to be released is I Finally Understand, and I can safely say that this is the weakest single of them all. It's still great, just doesn't compare. I'm a little mixed on the production. We get breakbeat drums, weirdly, and I appreciate the experimentation, but it's a really uninteresting beat. What really makes this track is Charli. How does make everything so catchy is something I will never understand, it just sounds really sexy, but actually dealing with something actually serious.. "Cause babyy I love you bad". The lyrics are a little meh sometimes, without any wit to them and feel like a statement ("My therapist said I hate myself really", "Liquid in my hands, Liquid in my mouth. Got me drippin out, Got me drippin out"), but definitely a great song, just the weakest out of the three.

You know I was waiting for midnight to strike so I can get my ears blessed with this, and blessed my ears were. Right off the bat we get the best song on the entire album period, Pink Diamon- It just goes hard, IT JUST GOES HARD. I don't care about the lyrics, Charli just straight SPITTING BARS. The production by Dijon is insane. This track as a whole weirdly feels sinister in a way, Charli is not hear to mess around girlies, she's here to "go real hard" and smack all the hoes in sight. Yeah, this is awesome. Songs like 7 years, Detonate, and Enemy are pretty pretty similar in sound, but varying in quality so I'll rank them (Detonate > 7 years > Enemy). They're all in the sentimental category in the album, with great production throughout all of them. The autotune sounds really tortured on these, which adds an extra sad touch to all of them, but songs like 7 years sounds really celebratory as well, and Enemy weirdly reminds me of something off Pang by Caroline Polachek. But all of these track are pretty nice, but none I would consider highlights except for Detonate. On Anthems we go back to banger land. The production goes really hard and is undeniable fun. As for Charli well she's just having the time of her life, and it's clear. I didn't even pay attention to the lyrics, I'm just having too much fun right now ๐Ÿ˜Ž. Visions starts off like most songs on here, but just breaks free towards the end, with a literal explosion of arpeggiated synths that honestly sounds beautiful, and even though I'm a very young minor, I found a statement one of my online friends stated pretty funny: "I'm having sex to this". Overall it's an amazing closer to the album, and definitely a highly for me.

As for the tracks I didn't enjoy as much, there are only two really: C2.0 and Party 4 U. C2.0 has a cool idea to it, with its title standing for Click 2.0, sampling her song of the same name, but that sampling feels really, really unnecessary. If you're gonna have the intro be a borderline remix of the original, and finish it with a completely different with no correlation with the original, why even bother doing that. Just make it a short interlude with the new song on it, we don't really need a different version of an already amazing song that made it sound pretty shitty. And even if this was, the 'outro' isn't even that memorable of a song, and is really forgettable. Just mediocre. And though I had a lot of criticisms for c2.0, Party 4 U is even worse. Does it really, and I mean really need to be 5 minutes long? No it doesn't, so why do that..? The production sounds really similar like Forever's production, just without all the white noise over it. And the hook, just grating, I really dislike it. And the verses aren't interesting enough to save the track, with the second actually having a terrible flow. Yeah, the worst track on here.

Uff that was a lot.. How I'm Feeling Now is a really good inclusion to XCX's discography, and a really cool experiment. It has some of her best singles like Claws and Forever, and some of her best songs like Pink Diamond, and for it to be this short makes it really replayable. If you just want to go hard, while still having sad times, please check this out.

--Best Tracks: Pink Diamond, Forever, Claws, Detonate, Anthems, Visions
--Worst Tracks: C2.0, Party 4 U
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