AOTY 2023
Taylor Swift - 1989 (Taylor's Version)
I remember vaguely hearing of Taylor Swift back in 2014 and when 1989 came out, I watched a few MV and decided it wasn't for me. Skip to 2020 and I rediscover her music with Folklore and then keep on falling deeper in love with her music , so it's not surprise that 1989-Taylor's Version is pretty damn good to discover in its entirety. I don't have the nostalgia that most have of the original,so I simply enjoyed what is brought to the table here : A pretty damn good pop album that almost 10 ... read more
Namie Amuro - FEEL
10 Years Ago , Namie Amuro released her 10th album...and what an album FEEL turned out to be. Just full of EDM bangers, doesn't overstay its welcome and still left a mark on my mind forever.
Superfly - Heat Wave
While her last album "0" felt different and more in contrrol, heatwave feels all over the place sound wise and slightly uninspired. None of the songs feel strong enough to remember and the style shift this time feels off and more bland.
Jimin - Face
As a pretty casual listener of BTS , I'm loving these solo outtings. Jimin's voice is smooth and a delight and this EP really delivers and I found myself wanting more.
Taylor Swift - Midnights
The timing of this coming out when I needed it the most emotionally speaking, is incredible.
Perfume - PLASMA
There's an ease to this album, like going on walk and enjoying every little details. If you want some dynamic off the roof electronic songs this album might not be the one, but for the fans of chill electronic music, this might just be it.
To think this EP is only coming out NOW when all songs have been absolute bangers is mind blowing but I'm happy to support Hyo and hopefully we won't have to wait that long for the next one !
Bastille - Give Me The Future
I wasn't sure how to feel about this album when the 1st singles came out but now that I've had a few months, I absolutely ADORE this album. Bastille continues to be a source of comfort for me and this album really is just great, even in its darkest moments.
MARINA - Electra Heart (Platinum Blonde Edition)
Hard to believe it has been 10 years since Electra Heart, but what a legacy this album has created. Very happy to finally have "Electra Heart" and "E.V.O.L" still slap and now in HQ .
Mika Nakashima - I
21 years in the music industry and yet Mika Nakashima barely ever composed any of her work, and yet with this 10th album , this is her 1st foray into entirely composing, writing and producing this album and what a change it provides. This album feels so freeing and enjoyable. Yes there are some throback to the safety net that is her usual style but this album feels bold strange and enigmatic. A recipe that works so well and I am happy to say that this album is great.
The fact that I've never been disappointed by any of her releases since her debut is a heartwarming feeling and "Crash" is no exception. I love me some good pop records like this one.
Krewella - The Body Never Lies
"The Body Never Lies" is a step up from Zer0. It flows better and this album feels like a logical and organic improvement from its predecessor.
Michael Giacchino - The Batman
Definitively amongst my favourite Michael Giacchino scores. Each theme represents the movie's atmosphere and characters like a fine tailored suit.
A bit of a letdown, I purposefully avoided listening to any of the (many) singles released prior to this one, and although Ayaka's enthusiasm is always nice, this one feels a little bit too cheesy for me.
AI - Dream
Definitively an album that follows along AI's previous work, and I found myself strangely really into this one.
Allie X - Cape God (Deluxe)
If you are wonderinf if you should get this deluxe ed. of Cape God, the answer is yes, 5 new songs all as high quality as the other ones.
宇多田ヒカル [Hikaru Utada] - BAD MODE
what a chill and fantastic album. Not one track I dislike, all gems.
Younha - End Theory
Dubbing Younha as only a ballad singer would be the biggest mistake you ever make. And "End Theory" continues to show that she can do whatever she wants and nail it. This album is rich , visually beautiful, and presents a catalog of songs that all fit together to create another great entry in her discography.
MARINA - Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land
I felt very disconnected from Love+Fear but I'm happy to say that "Ancient Dreams in a modern Land" is right up my alley. Welcome back Marina.
Crystal Kay - I SING
Crystal Kay's voice is always a pleasure to hear even when she covers the most covered songs out there. Unfortunately impeccable vocals cannot save this cover album from sounding all too familiar. It plays way too safe and the songs selection although classics in Japanese music scene, have been covered way too many times by now by everyone else.
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