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There's no putting subjectivity aside when reviewing this album. It is personal and as such it will always be infused by all the crazy emotions I experienced during these last two days listening to it. It's an amazing record start to finish and only time will show all the intricate details that make it one of Sufjan's best (and probably most difficult).

There are so many highlights already from the start: "Make Me An Offer I Cannot Refuse" sets the stage like almost like a trailer. ... read more
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What an irresistible comeback and an honest ode to good times! Friendly Fires are back with new energy, while their pop sensibility has matured, picking up bits and pieces of the house, electropop and latin from the last 8 years, heavily channeling the synths of the '80s pop.

This is a fun album that makes you wanna dance and lose yourself in the summer. As such, it succeeds on so many levels as there are few filler songs, and most of them are nice listens. The party begins with 'Can't Wait ... read more
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Sounds complicated for the sake of being complicated. Truth is, it's almost non-listenable. If this is the evolution of electronic music and the music of the future, the part of that future I wish not be.
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