- You Will Regret
A few standouts like Catch Me Outside and BabyWipe, but otherwise too many mediocre songs
(rating is for the deluxe version)
 - The Book
Their songs seem to be very repetitive
 - Amala
The rating is for the deluxe version
 - Steal This Album!
thank god these tracks didn't make it on Toxicity
 - 19
Absolute slapper
it's meh
favorite tracks: Fetti
least favorite tracks: PLAYBOIFRE$H
 - El Dorado
I am going to be honest, I expected this to flop because I've seen young artists drop a good EP and then get a shitty album out which basically halts their career. However, thankfully that doesn't happen with 24kGoldn. I was introduced to 24kGoldn when I was listening to random songs on Spotify and then City of Angels came on. I loved that song a lot, I listened to it every day to the point where I can't get the same experience by listening to it now. I decided to check his EP out, since City ... read more
 - For the first time
Favorite tracks: Instrumental, Opus
Least favorite tracks: Track x, Sunglasses
 - Omakase
Pretty decent EP, literally just found this guy an hour ago from Spotify Discover lol.

Favorite tracks: Trapanese (Remix)
Least favorite tracks: LMK

 - My Brother's Keeper (Long Live G)
No way you can tell me that all of his songs sound the same after this EP. Some weak singing and weird beats too...
Favorite tracks: Shanyah, Gucci Peacoat
Least favorite tracks: 8 Figures, Bidness
 - Whole Lotta Red
Entertaining, but not the best music fit for me, since I'm not sure I like this Carti style of rapping, but it's impressive af.

Favorite tracks: Bih Yah
Least favorite tracks: Luv My Slatts

 - 1
It's a decent mixtape to relax and just listen to in the background.

Favorite tracks: bang ii, 31,231,530a
Least favorite tracks: ooo

 - Playboi Carti
A significant improvement with a greater beat selection, better mixing, much more fun songs. Sadly tho, Carti just can't write good hooks, like good lord why are they all so repetitive?? This mixtape is like a rollercoaster. It has pretty high highs, but pretty low lows.

Favorite tracks: Magnolia, wokeuplikethis, Other Shit
Least Favorite Tracks: Had 2, Kelly K, Flex

 - Young Mi$fit
This is the first project from Playboi Carti that I've listened to. I went into this with some expectations, given how Carti gets such praise. But yeah, this wasn't really good. But hey, this isn't Playboi Carti, this is Sir Cartier lmao. Anyways, best thing about this mixtape is the production. Some songs have poor mixing,

Favorite tracks: Blue Crystal$, $teeze
Least favorite tracks: ZOMBIE$, Club Pink, Paper Cha$in'

 - Niagara
I like Fantano, but that was childish. Hating on a 16 year old is pretty low, but hey, because of that we all found this artist. Redveil proudly wears his influences and I think it's a great thing, he shows a lot of promise and I'm going to be waiting for new releases from him. As for this album, it's good, especially when you take into account that Redveil is only 16 years old. Ofcourse that doesn't mean that this LP comes without any shortcomings. Some songs have slightly poor mixing, but ... read more
 - Whack World
By this album I can see that she has talent, however the gimmick might be interesting, but it also draws it back from being a good album for me. I am not going to relisten to 1 minute songs, she really should have did full songs. I know it's a gimmick, but the project still feels unfinished to me.

Favorite songs: uh.... I guess... Pet Semetary, Bugs Life
Least favorite songs: Waze

This positively surprised me. I expected for him to be very generic, but 24kGoldn proved that he is versatile and can make songs that actually sound quite different from each other.

Favorite songs: City of Angels, The Gram, Been Here Before
Least favorite songs: Dropped Outta College

 - 1000 gecs
What did I just listen to. This is some nightcore, terrible random experimentalism.

Favorite tracks: not really any... but the least worst is Money Machine ig.
Least favorite tracks: everything else

 - BLAME IT ON BABY (Deluxe)
Not a good deluxe and the beats are... Idk what's up with DaBaby and his beats lately..
Favorite Songs: Peephole, Blind
Least Favorite Songs: Go, Trouble
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