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Smino - blkswn
Nov 22
redveil - Soulfood
Nov 22
Nov 22

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murderousmonk -
Rating this as the non extended version that I have on Spotify, because yes I do prefer the shorter version.

This is one of my favorite songs of all time. I don't remember how exactly I found this, and I surely didn't know Savannah at the time, but she absolutely hooked me in with one of the most beautiful singing voices I've ever heard. The r&b production is stellar, the perfect use of crescendos and beat switches/drops hit infinitely harder at night or high, and it brings out the ... read more

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murderousmonk -
It's pretty easy to tell that "Yeah, this was made high", but when you're not sober then you kind of get it. I love the jazzy, psychedelic and vibey, late night production, but there's a lot of songs that aren't quite something you'd listen to at night, when it's sunny, when you're high, or when you're sober; It's a whole frustrating middle ground of "what mood can I play most of these songs?" because they have really good production but difficult to return to. However, I ... read more
murderousmonk -
Talk My Shyt & Temporary are decent songs, nothing too memorable but I do love the trap/Kill Bill siren off Temporary. But the song that easily takes the cake is Chains; That should be a stoner exclusive song and played at every single sesh. This rating is primarily just off that one fantastic song lol.
murderousmonk -
Next level chill. The production and the flows both set the perfect relaxing vibe for an album that's so therapeutic for late night drives. Aaron May has one of the best voices that work for when he's nearly yelling like in Let Go, or detailing the midnight hustle like on Cream. Hope to hear more of him in the future because for a 19 year old making songs like Dreams, In Love, Let Go, Cream, & I'm Good Luv, Enjoy this early in his career is insane. Please get high and listen to the first 5 ... read more
murderousmonk -
A little long, but the dark & gloomy production makes for some essential night driving tunes. Smino has such a buttery smooth delivery that makes many songs so easy to chill and enjoy. Still waiting on more Smino because he had like a top 15 verse of the year off THIB and he's teasing new stuff that I desperately need.
murderousmonk -
A large amount of people believe this is Earls best and I can see how that may be the case, but the production is often lacking on Doris. For Earl's first real album, the features are fun, the delivery set the stone for a lot of the abstract hip-hop we see today, and there are plenty of beats and great songs off this project. I just don't return to it as often as others because I feel it's his most inconsistent. But the whole album is pretty solid, just not my first choice.

However, Burgundy, ... read more


Nov 23, 2021
Hey i saw you wanted album reccs. So let me recommend RATKING - So It Goes and Hemlock Ernst & Kenny Segal - Back at the House. Hope you’ll enjoy them if you decide to check them out.
Nov 22, 2021
If you're reading this, please send me album recs. Any genre, but do keep in mind that I primarily listen to rap, pop, experimental, jazz, & electronic. I trust the community because everyone here has great taste! Thanks :)
Nov 22, 2021
Appreciate it. I just like good music period. Especially hip-hop. Good is Good whether it be a mainstream artist like bagg or Durk, griselda, drill, melodic, bars, the boys in flint etc.
Nov 21, 2021
Thanks for the Follow :)
Nov 14, 2021
Hey thanks I appreciate it a lot, I love seeing others that really care for this kind of thing which you clearly do! Also the Logic thing lol, I've just gotten used to it by now, I find it so funny thinking my "credibility" tanks when most people see my praise for the man
Nov 12, 2021
glad u like it!
Nov 12, 2021
TY! so do u! <3
Nov 12, 2021
Thank you so much, it means the world knowing you enjoy my stuff. And of course, happy to do so!
Nov 2, 2021
Thank you slaughtering Monk!
Oct 14, 2021
Thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it! If you ever wanna share any reccs just lmk.



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