The Weather Station - Ignorance
Jun 8, 2021
‘Robber’ builds tastefully, outwardly and delicately, brass and keys. Beautiful song and arrangement.
‘Atlantic’ moves perfectly instep with a little more vigour and is rhythmic, propulsive, melodic and the vocals casually soar. So far ‘Ignorance’ is a 9/10

There is an airy emotion displayed on the opening tracks that is fragile, a gentle balance that gets a little lost on the next batch of songs which replace the more tentative and organic nature in for more pop sensibilities and vocals dominating all of the spaces and rather feel like they are trying super hard to push forward with less interesting drum loops, these songs try too hard to create a sense of momentum, these songs try too hard to be bangers.

It’s not until the second half of ‘Separated’(track6) that we see a return to other non-vocal musicality come to the forefront and it offers a slight lift, enough to keep me listening. ‘Wear’ may not be as favourable as the opening two songs but it’s close and it slows things down and The Weather Station reintroduce space to ‘Ignorance’ which adds mood and emotion again.

Unfortunately the first half wastes so much momentum on trying too hard for too long without break that you don’t get the full intended benefit of the second halves reprieve in the more mellow and considered second half.

Fave Tracks: Robber, Atlantic, Wear, Subdivisions.
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