Wolf Alice - Blue Weekend
Jun 3, 2021 (updated Jun 4, 2021)
I just want to say straight up that It’s not very often you get to hear a rock album so instrumentally tasteful that’s also able to blend gentle and fragile acoustics with electric guitars and drums so seamlessly, production here is key. #2021

‘The Beach’ starts off in a tentative and dynamic quality that creeps up beautifully and almost crashes out of existence seemingly as organically as it’s beginnings before the arrival of playful California sun-soaked ‘Delicious Things’.

‘Lipstick On The Glass’ activates a new emotion from the opening note with an unpretentious single guitar and a permeating vocal search that lifts ‘Blue Weekend’ to a higher level for my own personal tastes, this is an incredibly balanced and perfectly arranged pop song that 💯 utilises current sound design to take this multi layered emotive track to places impossible prior #2021.

‘Smile’ has an understated head-nodding percussive swagger met with a menacing and cheeky vocal sneer that lands on lifting acoustics and pleasing #2000s garage rock riffs.

Folk tendencies and floaty choral vocals are front and centre yet fill the room on ‘Safe From Heartbreak’. 80s synthy Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks era sounds on ‘How Can I Make It OK?’ which is a bit less my thing but is modern and radio friendly in it’s catchy output.

‘Play The Greatest Hits’ lands with punk intentions and brandishes handclaps that keep it light and fun

The ambient, ethereal and almost Dream Pop ‘Feeling Myself’ elevates Wolf Alice again. Bassy organ feelings* It’s a whole mood but is chill.

Rising ‘The Last Man On Earth’ takes us from a piano ballad to unexpected classic rock moments that could have been explored further.

‘No Hard Feelings’ reminds us again just how incredible and tasteful the production on ‘Blue Weekend’ has been throughout, here creating an intimate and close up guitar style and ‘The Beach II’ closes the album to the sway of surf-rock jangle.

What Wolf Alice have presented us with here is an album of many different moods that while vocally stunning can throw you around a little from song to song without an album defining thematic demarcation, however ‘Blue Weekend’ is impressive as it is undeniable in it’s total commitment to the entire mood and aesthetic of each individual song beyond any perceivable expectation or critique.

Must Hear Music: Lipstick On The Glass, Smile, Feeling Myself, Safe From Heartbreak, The Beach.
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6h ago
Love this review!! :)
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