Rise Against - Nowhere Generation
Jun 16, 2021 (updated Jun 16, 2021)
‘Nowhere Generation’ lays a boot in the gut from the opening chords of ‘The Numbers’
“Is this saddle comfortable?
Do these reigns feel tight enough?
Will you gallop when you're kicked?
Or throw the rider off” - Damn these vocals are spitting the flames of seething frustration while ‘Sudden Urge’ sets the entire place on fire and the title track does it’s duty as an accessible banger without losing the core Rise Against modus operandi.

My experience with Rise Against is likely different to most as I’m barely a casual fan but loved The Offspring when I was a kid in the Smash/Ixnay/Americana & even through the Conspiracy Of One era in the early 2000s but was getting more and more disappointed with their lack of burning passion and integrity as each album passed by.

When I first heard Rise Against just a couple of years later I’d already moved onto other things but I felt an instant connection with the electric Rise Against Punk ethos and they entirely displaced whatever needs I had currently held for The Offspring.

Fast forward to today and I haven’t been able to listen through an entire Rise Against album in almost 9 years so my expectations were super low but how wrong I was.

With thumping bass ‘Broken Dreams, Inc’ is literally one of the best RA songs I’ve heard and it’s not alone here with ‘Middle Of A Dream’, ‘Rules Of Play’ and the tribal-drummed glory of ‘Sounds Like’ reaching God-tier levels of anthemic punk-rock.
And more surprisingly the beautifully executed ballad of ‘Forfeit’ is unforeseeable in it’s acoustic and atmospheric rise.

‘Nowhere Generation’ contains some of the most impressive Rise Against guitar work and they barely take their foot of the intensity pedal and when they do it’s for a reason and works immaculately throughout and although they are not reinventing the wheel here and this inhibits me from giving this an even higher score ‘Nowhere Generation’ has to be one of the most impressive return to peak form albums I’ve ever witnessed and most importantly it connects and feels incredibly organic, this time it feels real.
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