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musicalmarvell -
Who Is Asia Cruise? · An Essay by BLAD B. (a.k.a. musicalmarvell)

"Who Is Asia Cruise?"-- This is a question that oodles of people were asking after the events of March 11, 2008. "Selfish" was released digitally and physically for all of America to hear, and the voice contained inside that 3-minute single was auspicious with hope. New talents are scoured for daily; in that period of time, people were looking for someone phenomenal to rise above. Someone who not only ... read more

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musicalmarvell -
It's quite underwhelming, this song. Katy Perry's recent single "Electric", which was written for Pokémon's 25th anniversary, is generic af, but at least it's partially enjoyable. Although every aspect of the song, from the vocals to the production, is nothing special, I do appreciate the positivity and motivational vibe in the lyrics. I guess Perry's classic "belt in or around the final chorus repeat" is decent too...

There's nothing more to say, really. ... read more
musicalmarvell -
The song starts with a melancholic vibe, which is Conan Gray's signature sound found in essential hits such as "Heather" and his own "The Story".

"It's okay," a young Blad said within the first minute. "The lyrics are definitely fantastic."-- This is undoubtedly true. With "Kid Krow", Gray proved that he is one of Gen Z's finest artists with his ability to form a tune into an engaging piece lyrically, vocally, and production-wise. Then the ... read more
musicalmarvell -
Troye Sivan's "IN A DREAM" is a fun, energetic EP. Released in 2020, the 22-minute work establishes itself as a good comeback for Sivan, who hadn't released any major forms of music since 2018. The singer's baritone vocals ring throughout the album sensationally, especially in "Easy”, "Rager teenager!", and "IN A DREAM", all of which are my favored highlights of the album. It's undeniable that the Australian phenomenon has a marvelous voice that can turn ... read more
musicalmarvell -
I was pretty shocked to see that the “Spiral” soundtrack is only a 4-track EP, but hey, what can you do?

Overall, I find the album quite forgettable, except for its lead single “Spiral” (performed by 21 Savage) and “Down Bad” (performed by Real Recognize Rio, 21 Lil Harold, SG Tip & Millie Go Lightly). If you know me, rap isn’t a genre that I can truly attach to, but if a song can go as hard as “Spiral”, it’s a certified YES for ... read more
musicalmarvell -
“Spiral” is, without a doubt, one of my favorite singles of the year. It may not be as smooth as Silk Sonic’s “Leave the Door Open” or as tear-jerking as Olivia Rodrigo’s “drivers license”, but it sure is a sturdy, horror-inspired track sung by 21 Savage for the 2021 film of the same name.

The production by Kid Hazel is my main highlight, with those string instruments in the chorus giving off a chilling vibe that the film probably didn’t ... read more


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