Joshua Bassett - Lie Lie Lie
May 19, 2021
After listening to this a couple of times, I found the song somewhat addicting. So, I'll try to go easy on it in these next sentences.

Joshua Bassett released his first single off of his debut EP in early 2021, and oh my. When I first listened to it, I had the same reaction as many: "What is this?" "[If this song really is about "her",] why did you come up with THIS after the events that have taken place?". Granted, most of us don't exactly know when he wrote this song and who it's even really about. So it's not truly our place to make assumptions and whatnot. However, the song itself is a letdown, but it isn't completely appalling, fortunately.

"Lie Lie Lie" is essentially part of a "J.B." (Joshua Bassett) cycle in which Bassett finely executes the production of a song but fails to make the vocals and songwriting decent. Of course, both aren't always horrible in certain parts, but the true issue is that they can feel unsuitable or dull, and mostly redundant overall. The song would've been fine without the curse words, and if there could just be some improvement on the songwriting, that would be fantastic. The vocal deliveries, again, feel forced, but not to the point where it's unbearable to listen to. It's undeniable that Bassett has a great voice, it's just how he uses it in some songs that cannot legitimately show his true potential. And finally, the composition of his songs always satisfies me, but, unfortunately, they're not enough to put the song above par level. We're lucky that he hasn't gone fully overboard with all aspects... yet.

"Lie Lie Lie" has its flaws. While it screams with great instrumentation, it yearns for creativity in its lyrics and natural vocals that don't feel forced. It's all part of walking on the path of improvement, though. He'll get there. Just not today.

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