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[A Slut Talks About Pink Floyd – Part I – Acid is a Helluva Drug]

Pure, unadulterated psychedelia loaded into a double-barrel shotgun and shot onto a recording tape is perhaps the most apt way I can describe Pink Floyd's debut record. Predating David Gilmour's arrival and the band's progressive rock prime, 'The Piper at the Gates of Dawn' is the brainchild of the band's original frontman, Syd Barrett; a man as enigmatic as his music, which was often the product of his experiences ... read more

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MusicaMeretrix -
Indie rock melancholia at its finest. Regret, sorrow, and yearning decorate this album like holes on a worn out dart board, yet regardless of the listener's mood, the deceptively simple lyrics, modest tempo, and atmospheric production give way to a really deep emotional connection. It provokes a strong emotional response in me, however I can't really accurately explain how or why it does so...
MusicaMeretrix -
Oh, how I've missed your fantastical keyboards and devilish guitars, Andrew! Just like on 'You're Not Alone', the production of this album is way too noisy, and cheesy lyrics attempting the bare minimum to give the music a religious and matrimonial edge further drag it down. However, Andrew's angelic voice and the absolutely magical chords and melodies make this record an enjoyable listen. That guitar solo in "My Tower" alone made me fucking cum.
MusicaMeretrix -
I went into this album expecting hypnotizing trap beats laced with wordsmith bars like on Keem's earlier singles. What I got instead was nearly an hour of Keem incessantly complaining about women, relationship problems, god, people in general, ect. as sleep aid plays in the background. If I hear Keem rap about somebody's pussy and how it tastes one more fucking time, I'm going to punch him in the face like how Kendrick punches the listener's face on "Vent".
MusicaMeretrix -
It's funny to me that 'Trench' has somehow found itself in the uncanny valley of concept albums, where it's opaque enough that the average listener won't ever notice its underlying themes, but just clear enough that more attentive listeners will have a broad consensus on it. The end result is that anybody attempting to explain this album to the average "Jumpsuit" enjoyer is going to look like a pretentious dickwad trying to sound smart. This album's a bop, nonetheless.
MusicaMeretrix -
You knock up women, then get into legal bullshit behind closed doors instead of taking any kind of responsibility for your assholery unless Pusha T calls you out for being a pussy, and then have the nerve to put pregnant women emojis on your album cover as some sort of twisted act of pride in your shitty behavior? Go fuck yourself, Drake. I'm not listening to your stupid album. Your music bores the shit out of me anyways.


Sep 3, 2021
I really like your Scaled and Icy score btw!
I love TØP, and I’m curious about ur thoughts on their other albums if you’ve never heard them before
Sep 3, 2021
I respect but completely disagree with your opinion about dan reynolds vocals being the most passionate and varied it has ever been. He had a much more passionate and impressive vocal performance in night visions (especially in radioactive and amsterdam) and his voice and vocals were much more filled with emotions. Also you're right about those two songs, but i want to know your opinion on his vocals in songs like "easy come easy go" or "giants".
Aug 20, 2021
Matthew responded saying this,

i miss you too, and ily. i always loved reading your reviews – no matter how my day was going, they could make me smile. thank you so much for that. <3
also, my wrenviews page is mostly professional – i try to throw my best reviews on there, rather than all of them (which, admittedly, aren't that many. i've slowed down at reviewing recently.) i should start reviewing more soon'
Aug 14, 2021
It really do b like that
Jul 27, 2021
Would you like to hear music I have made?
Jul 27, 2021
Thank you lol
May 10, 2021
Thanks for following! Been enjoying your reviews for a while, keep it up!
Apr 11, 2021
lol, that’s cool. saw that ur relatively new here, so I hope u enjoy ur time in the crack house known as aoty
Apr 11, 2021
ayyyye, just wanted to say that i really like ur pfp and bio! thought for a while i was the only one who remembered NITW :)
Apr 8, 2021
i just wanted to say that your bio is one of the best on the site


Some random woman on the internet sharing her dumb opinions on music. You can call me "Trix". My profile picture is Scappo's portrait of Bea Santello, and my username is "music whore" in Latin. Tacky as hell, I know, but I really don't give a fuck hahahahaha

Reviews dedicated to Matthew, a.k.a. SMTCubes. You encouraged me a lot as one of my first followers on this site with your fun and kind comments, before you left AOTY. I hope you're doing well in your new-found corner of the internet, dude!

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