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French house is fucking awesome, and this album is the musical ecstasy lying at the pinnacle of the genre. The sultry energy of a hot summers' night at the discothèque, melted down into one of the sexiest albums ever made. I'd fuck to this album, but I'm too much of a pussy to ask any of the guys I've ever been with to play this record while we have sex. God, I bet I could ride dick like a champ doing cowgirl with "Rollin' & Scratchin'" screeching out of those shitty little ... read more

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MusicaMeretrix -
There are many unknowns of the universe that continue to allude understanding today. Why is there such a profound imbalance of matter and antimatter? Is the speed of light actually constant in all directions? What is the source of extremely powerful, transient radio bursts emanating from extragalactic space? Why did the biggest glam rock act of the 1970s, with no discernible talent for long-form storytelling, think that making a fantasy-themed concept album was at all good fucking idea?
MusicaMeretrix -
Empirical proof that 'Sorni Nai' was not a fluke. Having never really followed up on my spectacular first date with the music of Kauan, it nonetheless gave me another chance when I came crawling back all these years later. Taking me to the frozen shores of Tiksi Bay to recount the story of a fleet of ships mysteriously buried underneath the ice, my second date with the music of Kauan finally opened my eyes to the band's undeniable talent for painting lucid and vivid worlds through their ... read more
MusicaMeretrix -
The thing that makes Brockhampton unique in the contemporary hip hop scene is also their achilles' heel for me. The vocalists are all awesome in their own ways, but I feel that some of them are definitely putting in more effort to carry the belligerent and ethereal feel of 'Roadrunner' than others. It's like getting some really good dick during a gang bang, and then comes one or two dudes that do a pretty lousy job when it's their turn with you. It happens every time I'm in a gang bang... shit, ... read more
MusicaMeretrix -
This dude has quite the nerve subjecting us to twenty minutes of aggressively boring, dogshit religious R&B while asking us, “freedom, don’t it feel good?” If this is what freedom really sounds like, then I’m staying in this BDSM dungeon indefinitely. Being enslaved into bondage and submission makes me feel more alive than any fakedeep, “life-affirming” religious hymns about God being the answer to not getting fucking cancelled on Twitter ever will.
MusicaMeretrix -
On a chilly winter's day in California in 2012, Jared Leto, after having held a sermon about his unmatched artistic prowess during which he performed the miracle of snorting thirty metric tonnes of cocaine in a single line, proposed a cum-worthy idea. "What if", the savior of music himself queried to his disciples, "we took 'This is War' and just stripped it of most of the live instrumentation that produced its energetic stadium rock feel, and made the gang vocals sound less like ... read more


Apr 11, 2021
ayyyye, just wanted to say that i really like ur pfp and bio! thought for a while i was the only one who remembered NITW :)
Apr 8, 2021
i just wanted to say that your bio is one of the best on the site
Apr 8, 2021
Thanks for following!!!! ‎
Apr 3, 2021
Aww thank you. Btw if you would like to join an aoty discord server . I know you just joined the site today but that "whore for music" line makes me think you'd get along with the other server members.
Apr 2, 2021
Very powerful aura radiating from your pfp and about me


Some random woman on the internet sharing her dumb opinions on music. You can call me "Trix" as an easier way to refer to me. If you're wondering, my profile picture is a portrait of Bea Santello by Scappo. If you're also wondering, my username is Latin for "music whore" or "whore for music". Tacky as hell, I know, but I really don't give a fuck hahaha

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