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Oct 17

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Oct 18, 2019
Caroline Polachek has a distinct fingerprint in the pop world. She is a presence that has always added to a project rather than distract. She knows her voice well and wields it like a master swordsman. On Pang, Polachek is exposed and vulnerable. She narrates her insecurities through songs that bend reality into new and fantastic shapes. She escapes her nightmares through bright melodies and delectable bops. As someone who allows insidious doubts to fill my head, Polachek's debut is a friendly ... read more
Oct 11, 2019
Big Thief successfully compliments the beautiful UFOF with the equally compelling Two Hands. The distinction between the two is pretty apparent. Where UFOF played with lush atmospheres and more existential thoughts, Two Hands feels significantly closer and grounded in personal physical experience. Lenker's vocal performance is quite impressive and the band's guitar work remains top-notch. With such a heavy output over the past five years, it's pretty amazing that the quality of songwriting has ... read more
Oct 10, 2019
Shriek is Wye Oak beginning to explore synth spaces with more gusto. Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack balance each other nicely on this album. Something I love about Wye Oak's sound is the anxious movement that motivates their music. The synthesizers give Shriek some extra depth; the songs become 3 dimensional in the way melodies swell and tuck into one another. 'Glory' finds Wasner singing some of her most esoteric lyrics, but the song builds and bounces. I like the juxtaposition of strange word ... read more
Oct 9, 2019
All Mirrors is objectively beautiful. Olsen's songwriting has never been more indulgent and theatrical. Angel searches for love and self-acceptance through grand orchestral statements. With earth-shaking vocals and incredible instrumental passages, All Mirrors is Angel's most composed project to date. It is a masterclass in epic songwriting that can leave you feeling mystified and raw. The album is so impressive that it is almost alienating. Yes, I am amazed by the songwriting, but I wish I ... read more
Oct 2, 2019*
Chromatics out Chromatics themselves with their most Chromatics release to date.

This is mostly a compliment. The gang returns with eerie, Lynchian synth-pop that evokes shadowy clubs and endless car rides through the night. They add some new and exciting electronic noises, and the songwriting is tighter. At times, they fall into the trap of sounding like a parody of themselves; the band's sharp awareness shifts into unbridled indulgence. Overall, Closer to Grey is an enjoyable sonic ride with ... read more
Oct 20, 2019
What is your favorite album by a singer/band that you have a crush on?
Oct 14, 2019
Just read your House of Sugar review. Great stuff and I’m pumped for SwSh too. Maybe see you in the ~wild area~
Oct 6, 2019
Hey. What's your favorite album from an LGBTQ artist? It's for a list.
Sep 29, 2019
do you like to eat ass? (it's for a list, i swear)
Sep 28, 2019
What's your favourite album to listen to in the rain? lol I know these list questions are taking over aoty
Sep 28, 2019
What would you say your favorite musician/band from your city/area/state/country is. (It's for a list) Just someone local who you're proud they represent you. Also if you're comfortable saying where you're from that would help.
Sep 25, 2019
Hey, what’s your favorite song of all time? (It's for a list.)
Sep 10, 2019
I don't know if that's on the site, so I just made a notation
Sep 10, 2019
What do you think is your all time favorite album cover? (It's for a list.)
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