Ariana Grande - thank u, next
Feb 8, 2019
i can't tell if it the trap beats, the odd samples, or the strings that i find the most confusing. this album, unfortunately, sounds like a record made by a group of people locked in a room for two months with little outside input (oh wait, it is exactly that.) there are nuggets of melodies or ideas i like. 'bad idea' is almost a fully realized song, though something still feels missing from the skeletal backdrop. i don't hate the last track, and 'needy' feels like a classic ari track. the whole album feels like it lacks something.

i tried writing without capital letters, and it feels so unnatural i have to stop.

I am still in love with the title track. I think Ari managed to create a song that is so specific to herself that it refracts and becomes relatable and slightly universal. While we may not have had the same experiences (I did not date Pete Davidson), we have had those sentiments and feelings about an ex. It is the type of pop that gives the audience permission to feel silly and reflective. I was hoping I would have more connections with this album like that song.

I think what is more shocking is how different this is from Sweetener. While not my favorite Ari project, Sweetener was well made and had a lightness that felt fresh. thank u, next feels surprisingly heavy. The songs feel like they are following trends instead of trying to create them. The album is forgetful, which boggles my mind because her voice is so incredible.

thank u, next feels like a challenge. She wanted to see if she could make an album in that short of time rather than having an entirely new album to release. The quality isn't terrible, but it feels inconsequential, which is the biggest disappointment.
Feb 8, 2019
Thanks for sharing your thoughts! This was well written and gave me something to think about. I was just wondering, do you prefer Sweetener to this album?
Feb 8, 2019
If I had to pick, I think I like Sweetener just a bit more as an album! I am more charmed by Sweetener, though I like individual tracks on this album more (’bad idea’ and ’needy’ have really grown on me.) I think thank u next would have benefitted from some more polish, and Sweetener could have been a little messier. What I want is a blend of the two!
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