Björk - Biophilia
Jan 7, 2019
Maybe the most opaque Bjork project. I find this one difficult to enjoy unless I am in a very particular mood, which is different than most Bjork albums that I could listen to regardless of my personal headspace. I will say that this album wildly creative, I love the noises on this album and find it to be some of her most compelling compositions. It is also arguably Bjork's most abstract album. The themes are more complex and take a little bit more work to untangle the meaning. The album's real magic comes at moments when these abstracted natural processes are given humanistic intentions.

'Virus,' is a gorgeous song that successfully connects the natural processes of pathogens to the way we connect with other people. It becomes a song oscillating between the literal image of a virus and a destructive, yet obsessive relationship. Songs like 'Sacrifice' and 'Crystalline' also capture the productive comparison between natural systems and human interactions.

While there are some spectacular moments sprinkled throughout, I do find this to be Bjork's laggiest album. There are still gorgeous vocals and deep beats, but they feel less structured and less intentional than her earlier albums. While focused in theme, the diversity in instrumentation does not have the cohesion of her other records (though I do appreciate the experimentation!) There is not a unifying sound, but instead a unifying concept, that sometimes overtakes the musicality of the album.

Even with its faults, I still love this album. I scream every time 'Mutual Core' comes on because of that song fucking bangs. The way she rolls her R's is filthy, and I need it.

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