DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ - Call You​/​Under Your Spell
Jul 19, 2022
Pop's left-left-of-center sweetheart returns with a delectable and digestible set of 5 tracks that sparkle with the same creativity as DJ Sabrina's epic extended projects. Clocking in at only 35 minutes, Call You / Under Your Spell still feels grand in scope. I am still in love with Sabrina's ability to make music that sounds nostalgic before the track ends. There is a logic to how the songs are structured, and each listen uncovers more detail and narrative within the music. It is the equivalent of a sonic I Spy book; the longer you listen, the more you start to notice how these songs play with memory and melody. It is still a maximalist mess, but a strange coherence makes it endlessly listenable. Each track is melancholic yet hopeful, an explosion of contradictory feelings but streamlined into endlessly groovy house bops.

While I would be curious to hear something between these short and sweet projects and her pop epics, I continue to find DJ Sabrina an absolute delight. The fact that it sounds like three YouTube tabs open simultaneously gives it that extra sauce to comment on how we listen to music as much as it sounds beautiful.

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