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I dont get radiohead
wannabe kennedy
My rating process: 9-10 → Masterpiece 8.5-8.9 → Immaculate 8-8.4 → Solid 7.5-7.9 → Enjoyable 7-7.4 → Good 6-6.9 → Decent 5-5.9 → Disappointing 4.9-4 → Poor 3.9-3 → Bad <3 → Unlistenable
Vtuber - I like music idk My YouTube Channel is : PixieVT I ain’t no professional critic or nothin’ of the sort! But I do enjoy rating albums and all that good stuff hehe
Remi's Reviews
2nd most hated AOTY user blocking everyone that's toxic and insulting Just a guy from Slovakia with problems being obsessed with music. Tag me by @RemisReviews YT link in bio Working on a metal & ambient album atm. Fav genres: ambient, alternative metal, slowcore, metalcore, psychedelic rock Fav bands: Deftones, Radiohead, Breaking Benjamin, Alcest Fav artists: C418, Aphex Twin, Michael Jackson
I change my ratings and edit my reviews to add new thoughts all the time, also they might be kinda samey cause i mostly review shit i like, sorry if i shit on your favourite shit though! ~rec me stuff in the shoutbox if you want~ Rating System: 100=professor layton 95=AAAAAAAA 90=impressive 85=awesome 80=good 75=okay 70=so "bad" it's good 60=not my thing 40=bad 20=horrible 0=bruh
Hi, I'm Owen. I believe that music (along with coffee) is one of mankind's great inventions, and I joined this site because I wanted to broaden my musical tastes, and maybe meet some cool people along the way. ________________________________________________ ≥50: Generally Favorable Album <50: Generally Unfavorable Album ≥80: ♡ ≤30: 🗑️ _______________________________________________ I'm relatively new to this website so if you have any albums to recommend, feel free to do so. :D
Otis Cohan Mone
19, he/him I love everything that everybody else loves and I hate everything that everybody else hates. Or vice versa. Library - CD collection. Rating scale: 0 - shit from tiktok etc. (just hate it all) 10 - DISGUSTANG 20 - Just awful 30 - Ugh, bad 40 - Nah, not good 50 - Um, whatever 60 - Welp, okay 70 - Oh, nice 80 - Wow, awesome! 90 - Big cup of tea with 4 tsp. of sugar 100 - my funeral soundtrack / personal essentials / extraterrestrial experiences P.S. alicore is my idol
Discord: Nah#7147 rym: Nah1 she/her (transfem) 0.5 track scale (ex; 9.5, 8.0) pretentious swans stan Passionate for music and writing. Former saxophone player. Favorite artists: Swans, Weyes Blood, clipping, Radiohead, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Neutral Milk Hotel 100: Perfect 90-99: Masterpiece 85-89: Fantastic 75-84: Great 65-74: Pretty good 60-64: Decent 50-59: Meh 40-49: Bad 30-39: Shitty 20-29: Horrible 10-19: Abhorrent 0-9: Disgusting You are free to give me reccs via shoutbox.
I'm 14 years old, I guitar and listen to mostly everything. My favorite bands/artists are Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Radiohead, Whirr, Metallica, Megadeth, Kendrick Lamar, Quadeca, The Strokes, C418 and TOOL. I will review every album I rate eventually My top 3 albums are Kid A, In Rainbows, and OK Computer. I just didn't add all 3 of them to show more variety of my taste in music Face Reveal at 200 mil followers
our work is never over <my reviews are just basic impressions: thoughts which are not to be taken as gospel <<this is mostly a journal to chronicle my listening, i go into every album hoping to like it <<<anything i rate over 70 i consider worth saving in the collection
:P library = planning on listening feel free to suggest albums in my shoutbox :P
14 | he/him | likes music (in case you didn’t know) | writes tiny, potent reviews 50 followers | sometime in august 100 followers | maybe in september? 250 followers | in the middle of december currently passed 300 followers in january! average rating: 72 björk: worst to best series list coming soon! (this means never) have a good day!
Hungarian 20 year old who is (mostly) a hip hop fan. Semi-closeted gay boy. He/him Discography deep dives I will do in the future: Eminem re-do Björk Fiona Apple Elliot Smith The Microphones Open to discography suggestions, because I'm out of ideas, even though I've only done like seven deep dives. I made a Discord account: LonelyHipHopFan#8694
I listen to art pop only and i'm bad at talking sorry ( ´・・)ノ(._.`)
100: The Denny's Grand Slam 90/95: I Love This 80/85: Thorough Enjoyment 70/75: Enjoyable 60/65: Mostly Positive 50/55: Mostly Neutral 40/45: Meh 0-35: Some of the Albums of All Time
Discord: UltimateLifeFrm#7541 23yr old autistic Irish guy who loves music, movies and some photography. 100: Masterpiece 90-99: Fantastic 80-89: Great 70-79: Quite good 60-69: Decent 50-59: Meh 40-49: Forgettable 30-39: Bad 20-29: Awful 10-19: Dogshit 0-9: Stay away
Ethan J. M.
Hello! I'm Ethan, 19. I love music! I am open to all types of music. To each their own! :) "Favorite Albums" section = The music I am currently most into Library = Vinyls Current discography dive: Phil Elverum (The Microphones / Mount Eerie) I rate primarily based on my personal enjoyment of a work of music. 95-100 = Favorites 80-90 = Outstanding 65-75 = Notable 50-60 = Nice, but doesn’t do all that much for me 0-45 = Simply not for me
ima redpilled sigma (in russian redpill community about psychotherapy and psycho techniques) which is like deconstructed club (any forms of avant-electronic) and also hip-hop. was banned on RYM without the possibility of being unbanned. but i am a 157 IQ (true) and thats why i didnt get banned. know...books...and dictionaries:) also i like Lacan and Deleuze. peace ----- in fav albums section i put my 11/10 albums list of SUPER GODS
I've got it. Music obsessed for 3 decades and counting. 🚨 scoring from my vinyl collection only 🚨 90+ are my all time favorites 80-89 are various degrees of love 79 and down are various degrees of like 79/80 is an important line of demarcation, as is 89/90. ----- Lots of reviews can be found at my original account, which I “retired” in Oct 2021. ⬇️
Not using this website for now, mainly using RYM for the time being. Very big hip hop, post-rock, experimental-rock, post-punk, metal enthusiast Rating System: +90 → All-time Favorites💕 100: My top albums 96-98: Near Perfect 90-95: One of the best 80-85: Pretty friggin great 70-75: Good 60-65: not that enjoyable 50-55: Not really much opinion on it 40-45: Bad 30-35: Terrible 20-25: Awful 10-15: Horrendous 0: NOT GOOD Thanks for 700 followers !!!
I love good music
Edre the Depeche Head
he/him The favorite albums tab are albums from different periods in time I have been connecting with a lot lately. Hearted albums are releases I score higher than 80. Its my version of "Best New Music". Many of my scores are first impressions. I update them as i listen again, they are casual so take everything with a massive grain of salt.
he/him library is my vinyl collection thank you so much for 400 followers!
18, he/him 100: Masterpiece, Personal Favorite 95-99: Incredible, Classic 90-95: Amazing 80-89: Great 70-79: Good 60-69: Decent 50-59: Mediocre 40-49: Underwhelming 30-39: Bad 20-29: Terrible 10-19: Trash 0-9: Psychological torture
Just a guy who loves talking about great music. Stream my music under Plaintive ► on any streaming site! Links below!! 100: Wouldn't change a thing 99-90: Near perfection 89-80: Really good experience 79-70: Pretty good, could improve 69-50: Disappointing and could be better 49-30: What were they thinking 29-0: Actively hard to stomach 1/2 of BrokeN Bois, a podcast where we talk about lots of the music I review here:
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You arrive and drive by, like a sauced up bat Like you know you should know but you don't know where it's at not asher#0205
Trans - She/Her, Avid Music Listener, only started listening in 2019 so I have much more music to hear. I'll listen to any genre so if you have a recommendation just message me. I spend a lot of time working so don't worry if I don't review it right away. I appreciate it! My ratings are based on a combination of personal enjoyment and perceived quality by me, aka completely subjective.
Favorite genres are Hip Hop and Folk Thanks for 270 followers! (: If i have edited a review then it's probably because of spelling errors.
Hey, I’m Visbi. Thank you for visiting my profile! I love Hip-Hop, R&B, and Pop, so feel free to leave suggestions in my shoutbox. I view my profile as a personal portfolio of music that I like/dislike. I hope that I can help you find at least one good album. Library is CD/Vinyl/Digital
This is @riverowo's new account lol, I lost the password to the previous account so I've had to make YET another. please enjoy my shit reviews and super lenient ratings. I'm trying to get AOTY to delete all my other accounts but they won't respond hshdfkjds. I'm @/accidental_indie_memes on Instagram btw :3 I'm the admin called river (obviously)
music is cool
22 He/Him Music is my favourite hobby, so I like a lot more than not. Rating System: 100 = Perfection 95+ = Masterpiece 90-94 = Amazing 80-89 = Great 70-79 = Enjoyable 60-69 = Decent 50-59 = Had potential to be decent 30-49 = A few good songs but ultimately mediocre 0-29 = Waste of time
Big fan of ducks. My name is June :) (She/her) Library is my vinyl collection! AOTY’s number one Jordaan Mason stan I rate very positively but it’s cause idk how to dislike music how do y’all dislike music, I just enjoy things either a lil bit or a lot. (also cause I seek out things I think I’m gonna like beforehand) Pls let me know if there’s a project you think I’ll enjoy!!! I’m always open to suggestions! Also if you want to talk to me about anything just leave a message :D
Saf. She/Her. 25. 🏳️‍🌈
Hey, probably won't see too many bad reviews here...why would I listen to music I dont like? Ratings like American school grades 100- Perfect 99-90- Fantastic expectational 89-80- Great 79-70- Good 69-60- Passing, stuff to enjoy in it. 59-50- An attempt was made it is for the most part listenable. 49-00- Bad
🐟 𝚂𝚑𝚎/𝚃𝚑𝚎𝚢/𝙷𝚎 🐟 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐅𝐚𝐭 𝐅𝐢𝐬𝐡 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐯𝐞𝐝... _________________________________________________ 100 - God Tier 🍣 90 - Amazing / Mastapeece 🐠 80 - Great / Amazing 🐡 70 - Really good 🦈 60 - Good 🐳 50 - Ok / Decent 🦪 40 - Meh / Mediocre 🎣 30 - Really bad ⚓ 20 - Awful ⛲ 10 - Terrible 🍥 0 - Epic Fail Compilation #23 💦 _________________________________________________ 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐅𝐚𝐭 𝐅𝐢𝐬𝐡 𝐡𝐚𝐯𝐞 𝐥𝐞𝐟𝐭...
🚲 🎧 🛏 ⛱ 🗽 🏗🏢 🏳️‍🌈 🇺🇦
anti mainstream mainstream club
He/Him, 15, and from Hungary. I heart anything that is above a 9 for me. I also change my rating scale a lot, but right now I mostly rate in 10s.
Hi, I'm Tracy. I listen to to all types of music, mostly kpop and pop.
aka. J1nabae 20/yo he/him (I re-rate alot)
Woah. Reviewing stuff. I'll try to express my humble opinion on every "genre" of music. Rating the best and the worst. Sometimes I disappear from the site. Currently updating and expanding the Italian catalogue of the site. Also getting into drumming, apparently.

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