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I've just started uni again and as all of the content is online taught for the foreseeable future (and I have to do most of the coursework on a screen) I can't envisage writing proper reviews for while. "When did he ever post proper reviews" you think, smartarsedly. I will still rate stuff, but probably only work that really piques my interest.
This is a shame as I've been working on a mammoth A Quiet Farwell review since march! Through a mixture of putting it off, me brain being a ... read more

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We're still feeling the aftershocks of this album more than 4 years since its release. I think about this album very very often, without even listening to it.
Can anyone else think of an album released since Blonde that has had such a seismic impact on music, culture and the youth of today? I can't!
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I can't really distinguish good metal from bad metal - but the experimentation on this is really engaging and that's good enough for me.
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I like this because I sometimes like penis.
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Happy 25th Birthday Insomniac, I can't believe I used to sing your lyrics with no idea of your content!
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I wish I'd released this when I was 20 years old.
Oct 21, 2020
Okay so I've never solicited for a list before, but I had an extra obnoxious idea and I wanted to get other people to contribute to me being obnoxious.

What album makes you think of your dad?
Oct 21, 2020
Hey! For a list I’m making, what is your feel good album?
Oct 14, 2020
Thanks, I appreciate the support
Sep 25, 2020
I saw you rated Fear of Death, I request you write a review on it! I promise I'll like it no matter what you say!
Sep 22, 2020
I've seen a lot of people use a system like yours so I definitely think it's legitimate!
Sep 15, 2020
I wouldn't worry too much about scoring spread honestly! As long as you know (approximately) how you come up with the scores you do, it's fine in my opinion to often have higher scores. Most of my scores range in the 70-89 range and that's because I think of album scoring kind of like a grade in school. Anything from 70-89 is a good score, and I don't hand out many A's (90+). Anything below that is either failing or bridging on such. How do you think about your scoring system? Is it mostly subjective or do you have some objective ways of scoring an album? Hope all that helps answer your question!
Sep 6, 2020
Hey! i really like your page and was wondering what you thought of my stuff and ways to get better?
Sep 5, 2020
Glad you listened to fishmans :)
Sep 3, 2020
Hello, my name is Josh. I'm 22 and a plant & music obsessed, pansexual man. I'm also a huge (over)thinker who's left wing but keen to understand the other side! Also up for discussing music despite having no idea what I'm on about.

Currently unsuccessfully balancing my horticulture course with finalising my end-of-year ratings.

Scoring system
*90+ shows scales of perfection
*85-89 are excellent
*<50 is everyone else's <30 (My rating system is pretty kind to crap albums)
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