Charli XCX - CRASH
Mar 18, 2022 (updated Mar 18, 2022)
There's no doubt that charlotte emma aitchison aka charli xcx is one of the pioneers of the new era of pop music and most definitely one of the most (if not the most) successful, critically acclaimed and heavily influental electropop artists. And also a masterful songwriter, co-writing massive hits for a handful of extremely popular artists of the 21st century. And by releasing game changing records and mixtapes such as pop 2, charli and vroom vroom, charli xcx has already secured her place as an unforgettable and genre-defining artist.
After announcing the realease of her new album "crash" and releasing the first single "good ones" that apparently met the expectations of the fans and critics, there was no doubt that this new record is going to be as amazing and influental as her previous projects. But is it?
Let's dive deep into it.
The first single "good ones" is a perfect electropop song, charli, by setting the length of the song at 2 minutes and 16 seconds, wastes no time, performs an impressive vocal performance, the vocal lines perfectly matching and sitting on the melody, and ends the song at the right time before it gets repititive. So simply, it's a great song. The best song on the album actually
Let's move on from it.
The second single "new shapes" respectively features two other popular and respected pop acts "christine and the queens" and "caroline polachek"
Although the song being undeniably catchy, containing good features and also defintiely one of the best songs on the album, it gets boring repetitive after the first half, the hook is repeated throughout the song numerous times and unfortunately ruins the experience and becomes irritating. But still, new shapes is undoubtedly a favourable pop song.
Third single "beg for you" featuring rina sawayama is also a generally acceptable and joyful song, consisting of nice and pleasing vocal performances, a tasteful feeling of nostalgia, having a huge similiarity to 2000's and early 2010's electropop hits.
The problem is that it's just good and that's it. It doesn't have anything groundbreaking, and ends befor it can satisfy the listener.
And this is where it goes down
"Baby" the next song is basically a hip hop influenced dance pop song that sounds like something out of M.I.A's kala. Starts as a mainly generic and plain song but becomes interesting as it progresses towards the end, this time although, the repetition of the hook and the title of the song doesn't sound frustrating and actually makes the song better.
"Every rule" on the other hand, is definitely an exhausting experience, listened to it more than ten times and everytime it hurt my ears. The frustrating slow progress of the song and the mediocrity of everything else including the vocals and lyrics, makes the whole thing generic and mid.
The rest of the album consists of a mix of favorable and decent songs. And lightning is the best among them, having that good old charli xcx sound
As a normal music listener, this album had great moments, but didn't fulfill my expectations, i can't speak for others tho. It basically made of great and fabulous ideas that are sometimes well-executed and sometimes aren't. Still generally an enjoyable and fun record.


Track Ratings
1Crash / 60
2New Shapes / 75
3Good Ones / 85
4Constant Repeat / 70
5Beg For You / 75
6Move Me / 50
7Baby / 70
8Lightning / 75
9Every Rule / 50
10Yuck / 70
11Used To Know Me / 65
12Twice / 50
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