Weezer - SZNZ: Spring
Mar 20, 2022
Ok i'm writing this while listening to it for the third time.
So far i think it sounds like NPC music, harmless and wholesome but still has that fake happiness vibe to it.
Ok mr.coumo shakespear makes you happy what am i supposed to do with that information?
The first song is horrendous. Not recommended. What the hell are these lyrics? Are they AI generated? Also you said it was INSPIRED by vivaldi, didn't think you'd literally use "spring" to make a song.
gets much much better in the second track, the lyrics are better, instrumentally much more enjoyable. Nice vocals. Good job weezer
Same for the third track. A pretty good wholesome feel good folk pop and indie folk inspired song. The vocals are kinda off tho.
And well.... unsurprisingly it goes down again on the fourth track, AI generated lyrics AGAIN
"Don't look for deeper meanings" yeah pretty obvious that there isn't any.
"Don't be a punching bag" well most weezer fans were when they were in high school.
Meh song. Forgettable. Not really bad tho. Still much better than the first track
Next one is not bad, decent lyrics, decent vocals, decent instrumental performance, but that moment it the chorus that goess i i i i is so bad it literally brings the song down.
And the last starts unbelievably good, heavily catchy, unexpectedly well-written, but then of course they had to ruin it in the second half.
Overally, a really fun experience, but still a hit or miss. the concept of this 4 EPs sounds interesting but it's definitely hard to make a great and not generic set of songs. So i think rivers cuomo and friends did a good job here (at least until now)
Also knowing that weezer are capable of making something like raditude, we obviously have to lower our expectations. Let's see what they do after this


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