Foo Fighters - But Here We Are
as a longtime foo fighters listener, i don't get it.

Ok so i'm really glad that dave and the boys are still going strong. Not many bands can gather themselves to continue making music after losing a key member. But in my completely honest opinion their new record is not that good.
After the first single came out, i was really excited for the album and couldn't wait for it. Although i thought the first single wasn't really good. But i became really worried after hearing the second and third ... read more

Taylor Swift - Karma
Karma is the duhduhduh
Foo Fighters - Under You
The chorus really ruins the song. Don't get me wrong it's overally good, but i can't stand that chorus.
I'm really happy for this guys tho. Glad to see them going strong after such a tragic event.
Avenged Sevenfold - We Love You
I don't know what to say
The lyrics don't make any sense
The melodies... the riffs, nothing makes sense in this fucking song. I couldn't even hear m.shadows vocals at some parts.
What the hell are this guys even doing?
Walker Hayes - Fancy Like
What is bro even singing about?💀
Bring Me The Horizon - LosT
Oh Man... doing songs with masked wolf and MGK weren't enough signs for me that this guys have started to sell out (Thank you tik tok). And i was still defending them.
Enough is enough. This shit sucks ass!
Shit production.
Emo industry plant ass lyrics
37 year old man singing "my friends hate me"
"Watching evangelion with a big fat slug of ketamine" WHAT?
oh btw that fucking disappointing breakdown
And let's not talk about the edgy low-budget music video.
The new EP is ... read more
Linkin Park - Meteora (20th Anniversary Edition)
Linkin park in the studio like
"Yeah this is the best thing we've ever made.
Don't release it"
Melanie Martinez - PORTALS
Bjork for basic annoying white girls

Oh you thought you were in your redemption era?
I'm sorry but You're still that same generic pop artist. Try harder next time. But based on what i've heard about you, you don't deserve a second chance.
They had us with the singles tho ngl. I thought this was going somewhere. But no. This is in fact not going anywhere. Generic, bland, uninspired, unoriginal, repetitive... basically there's nothing positive about it except the first two songs.
That's it. ... read more

Metallica - 72 Seasons
Yeah we get it guys. You can still play fast and can make 8+ minute songs. Now try to write something good and listenable. And no being old is not a good excuse for y'all to make generic music because your music has been generic and since you were 30 (except for like 5 songs). You could at least hire some producers to analyze your work. Unless you're still making music just for the money
Avenged Sevenfold - Nobody
Tips for bands who take 5 or more years to release a new album:
1-make sure that your vocalist can still sing and sounds good
2- hire a good producer so everything doesn't sound messy and rushed
3- don't throw random and unrelated ideas into one song
4- making something different and avant-garde with no catchy tune and chorus is a risky move and might confuse your fans who are used to your usual style.
5- this one is for rock bands. A RANDOM GUITAR SOLO WOULDN'T SAVE YOUR SHITTY ASS SONG ... read more
GAYLE - everybody hates me
Suddenly my name is everybody
Panchiko - Failed at Math(s)
Well thanks. i asked for a new soad album this year though but this works too
Linkin Park - Lost
I mean yeah it's doesn't come close to anything off of meteora but it's still a great track. I wish they kept these unreleased tracks and made a posthumous album from them. But well linkin park are known for having more than 400 unreleased, unfinished or lost songs so it's not late to do so
Fall Out Boy - Heartbreak Feels So Good
MANIA flashbacks from the intro but fortunately it turned out to be a good song. Not as good as the first single and also didn't meet my expectations but it's still good. Yes The lyrics are a bit corny but well what did you expect from a mainstream pop rock band? So just look at it as a happy little song and simply enjoy it.
Fall Out Boy - Love From The Other Side
Well we might be witnessing a band saving their career
FOB's new single "love from the other side" shows that the band have realized that they're not meant to make radio-friendly pop rock tunes with bland and uninspired lyrics, and it's better for them to get back to their old style. And fortunately it seems like it'a not late for them to do so, as they've already made their best song in the last ten years on their first attempt.
Can't wait for the album, i hope all the other songs ... read more
Nickelback - Get Rollin'
If you still had hope for nickleback to change and actually release something interesting, well i have some bad news for you.
This is still the same annoying nickleback, with just two heavy metal tracks added. The rest is cringy 2000's butt rock with questionable lyrics and basic melodies that sound all the same. And let's not forget that chad kroeger still can't sing.
Oh guys by the way he mentioned nightmare on elm street in one of the songs since his last name is also kroeger. Get it get ... read more
BABYMETAL - Monochrome
Not a great comeback for babymetal. Great idea, bad excecution. Generic lyrics, generic singing. Overally a boring experience
Black Eyed Peas - ELEVATION
This music of yours is absurd
You've been making the same shit for 20 years but this time you just sprinkled a little bit of latin pop on top of it
Also there was is and will be only one firestarter and that's keith flint (RIP).
Someone needs to humble you and your bandmates


Quadeca - I Didn't Mean To Haunt You
Well damn i thought you guys were joking
But this really IS that good.
Come on guys, who cares that it's full of demos if it sounds good? Yeah it's technically an EP and it's pretty short but it's still a decent R&B project. No it's not experimental or misunderstood or things like that. But as someone who's not even a big fan of joji's music ( and btw this is my first time listening to a joji album in its entirety and not just the singles) this was a good experience and i personally saw nothing wrong with it. I think you guys are overreacting. Relax. ... read more
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