Musicnerdd -
Jack harlow actually sounds good here tf???
Musicnerdd -
Not gonna lie, i enjoyed a few songs here, but cringed through the rest. Better than i expected, but it's still just one of those typical generic pop albums that bring nothing new to the table.

Musicnerdd -
I love the rhythm and the atmosphere of it. But the vocals and lyrics..... uh nevermind.
Musicnerdd -
Me and the boys trying to make our version of dark side of the moon
Musicnerdd -
If you call it a cash grab, you're still being nice to it.
Musicnerdd -
Honestly..... disappointed
Musicnerdd -
A misunderstood song
The point is dreaming of an unreal utopia in the future that's impossible to happen ( of course a world without any borders and countries would be dumb and... disastrous ). But it's not about things that he's describing, it's about what humans see as true peace, a world without what us humans are mostly stressed about or a dumb *everything's good* world.
Musicnerdd -
Sounds like an alan walker song with an unknown guest singer who repeats the same lines over and over. This is not for you shakira.
Musicnerdd -
They say if you say "travis barker" for 5 times in front of the mirror he appears in your house with a drum kit.

First of all, black women in punk rock? I'm here for it. As someone who only knows willow smith as an actor and also will smith's daughter, this is my first time listening to her music but i'm impressed especially because this is great for an artist who used to make music in a completely different genre. But i have to point out that there were some fillers in this record ... read more
Musicnerdd -
⭕AOTY's top 100 albums⭕
Part 1

Before starting the review i have to say that something that i really like and appreciate about kendrick lamar is that he makes both politically and philosophically serious songs and fun and playful songs. Something totally rare between new school rappers.

Creating a record about justice (racial and social) is not something new in the music world. At this point, the important thing is the quality of the record and how effective it is, how much it challenges ... read more
Musicnerdd -
Good and fun sound, great vocals and questionable lyrics
Overally good.
Musicnerdd -
Bruce's iconic vocals, the return of our boy eddie, a track after 6 years, a well made music video, beautiful lyrics, but shit production, a not so good solo and being completely predictable made it to be an overall good but disappointing song.
At least they're back
Musicnerdd -
An amazing piece of art coming from a not so so loved genre (electronic). Firestarter is definitely one of 90's best songs and i don't think people were ready for it back then

P.S : damn what da crab doin 😳
Musicnerdd -
Radiohead fans: we want a new album

Thom yorke: LOL anyways i put creep on 0.5× the normal speed here's the result.
Musicnerdd -
You have a weird sense of humour dave
Musicnerdd -
The definition of magnum opus

The unbelievably and masterfully amazing production by massive attack and elizabeth Fraser's mournful voice along with her heart breaking lyrics resulted in the creation of not only one of the most beautiful and powerful songs in trip hop but one of the most beautiful songs of all time.
The choice of having fraser as the guest vocalist instead of madonna and the sudden and unfortunate passing of jeff buckly had a huge impact on the song's recording and the ... read more
Musicnerdd -
Score to the song:30
+5: for the name of the song
+5: for tommy lee in the music video
-15: for tyga in the music video

Post malone was kinda going in the right way with his last album (although it was still not that good).
But it seems like post malone prefers to stay in the generic mumble rap phase rather than experimenting and trying to improve.
Musicnerdd -
The production is insanely great but it still has everything that is wrong with billie eilish's music.
Or maybe this kind of songs are not for me.☺
Musicnerdd -
Justin bieber's collab with that blonde guy thekidlaroi is..... listenable?
Well i have to say that it's kinda catchy but that's it.
It's not a good song not the chorus not the lyrics nothing is really good and special about it. but at least it doesn't hurt your ears (like justin bieber's other masterpieces😐
Musicnerdd -
K-pop? More like k-poop
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