Feb 16, 2019
This idea sounded so good on paper that when I finally listened to the album I just felt really disappointed.
The collaborations from some of the hip-hop/trap artists didn't really feel that original, some of the ideas felt too repetitive, the production was not really to my liking, and the end was a bit draggy.
Nevertheless, interesting listen.
Feb 14, 2019
Beautiful soundscapes. The mix of genres from electronic, to house, to folk, to glitch, is very well done. This record ended up being a very calm, soothing, deep and well-produced collection of tracks. Very solid from start to end.
Feb 11, 2019
err is this still funny
Feb 9, 2019
Here's the deal:

After more than 2 years being surrounded by two friends who wouldn't shut the f up about Beck and, therefore, being kinda sad that I couldn't relate to their hype, but, at the same time, not being really attracted to the idea of trying it (mainly after the colours release), I FINALLY LISTENED TO IT. Actually, I think it was last week, but whatever.

I was told to start here and only really care about this, Mellow Gold, and the "lo-fi masterpiece" Golden Feeling. ... read more
Feb 5, 2019
The Purple Props, or Ornatos Violeta, were a very influential portuguese alternative band. Now, don't kill me, but I think we can at least say they were, at least, almost, the 90s radiohead of portugal.

This is their most important album, where most of their hits come from. And, also, the one that surprised me the most. I came here with little to no expectations only knowing the hits and finding them to be just meh, but, the other songs, while not being very played, can be very fun ... read more
Feb 3, 2019
Highway Hypnosis is a fun and interesting collection of very short songs, that, while keeping a minimalistic aesthetic, can be very diverse and attention grabbing.

The production is kept very lo-fi, in a way I can't really say I like, but the vocals are smooth and there are some really good ideas from there to there.

This record is weird, it's fresh and kind of unique, but the lack of cohesion and the "lo-fi" aspect here just makes it feel too unfinished for my taste.

Overall, ... read more
Feb 2, 2019
I don't even know what house music is supposed to be, but I may have just listened to 2 hours of that. The repetition and yet the addiction of new elements every now and then, along with the interesting choices of sounds, make this album a very interesting and attention grabbing piece of pure background music. Really I just got shocked about how time flew while listening to this. Also, I'm sad because my left earphone is now dead.
Feb 2, 2019
Listening to progressive metal, I would always prefer the progressive part rather than the metal. I mean, I would much more enjoy the parts without screaming, being it the acoustic parts or the jazz parts. Now giving progressive rock a try, I think I found my problem to be finally solved. Thank whoever I should be believing in for finally making me actually go on Vimeo and listen to that weird face album.
Feb 1, 2019
Rattlesnake goes electronic ...
Im so Hyped for new material!
Jan 27, 2019
The mix between bad commercial pop, bad commercial EDM and bad commercial metal did not make this album any good.

This sounds like if old BMTH was trying to be Linkin Park but they were keeping it appropriate for your local discothèque's shit, boring, annoying edm selection.

Yeah, it's new and refreshing stuff from them, but it's soooo cringe-worthy from start to end, that I just wish I was deaf everytime I listen to it.

On a positive side, it's better than Papa Roach's try on ... read more
Jan 26, 2019
what an epic tracklist
Jan 26, 2019
Space is Only Noise carries a haunting, yet relaxing, dark, yet light, busy, yet simple, atmosphere to it.

This record has a lot of texture, showing electronic elements, mixed with nature sounds, mixed with "real instruments", mixed with acapella elements, all of which bring a whole dimension of variety to the album, having both sung moments and intrumentals or noises.

In spite of that, Nicolas manages to keep the album incredibly cohesive, with some seemlessly well done transitions ... read more
Jan 26, 2019
This is a very creative hip hop release.

The production is alright and I must say I liked the 8bit sound aspect of it. The lyrics are the main element here, counting with aesop's genius and originality. As someone who doesn't really care about the lyrics, I can say that, here, reading them is totally worth it.

That being said, I still think this album has a certain unfinished feeling to it. I feel like there's something missing but I can't explain it. It also feels a bit samey for a short ... read more
Jan 22, 2019
Even when I was a hardcore muse fan, I could easily realize that this song is particularly bad and cringe-worthy.
I cannot listen to it without feeling grossed out by the cheesiness of the whole track. I mean they were going for what could be a darker dance song, but this ended up being too bland and thin for that. Having a minor chord there is not enough, guys.
The synth is unbearable for me. The vocals are just average muse, nothing fantastic, and the bass is playing it safe and has one of ... read more
Jan 22, 2019
Toro y Moi's new album sounds like your typical background music. Let's see, I can imagine the most energetic tracks being played on a fifa game, the ones that are more funky on a bar near the beach, and the chiller ones could just be out of a James Blake record.

The worst part seems to be the vocals, which, sadly, show bad performance and writing. They are uninteresting, and could really pass unnoticed.

However, this sounds promising as there are good aspects like the production and the bass ... read more
Jan 22, 2019
Oh no.
I'm surprised that I had never heard of these guys before, since they seem to be so established.
But this record is horrendously cringe-worthy. Everything sounds so generic and wannabe that it becomes impossible to enjoy even the most slightly interesting ideas that actually exist from there to there. So we have a record that is boring, has bad production, bad songwriting and bad performances. I say don't listen to this. ever. you're welcome.
Jan 21, 2019

Dunas is the absolute best track of the Portuguese band GNR.

This is THE song that you learn when you start playing the guitar. Isn't it awesome to think that a single track could influence generations and generations of musicians?

The simplicity, and yet the complexity, of this track makes it a very accessible classic among very different groups of people.

Almost everyone can recognize and even sing along to this masterpiece, even if they are not interested ... read more
Jan 20, 2019
Remind Me Tomorrow is a very solid, cohesive and immersive pop record. Sharon has some sweet, but personality-rich, vocals that work very well with the aesthetics she's going for. The keyboard centred instrumentals are well textured, making for a laid-back, but still consciously worked on, atmosphere. The songwriting has surpassed my expectations and the production is also very good.
Overall, this is a surprisingly great synthpop little thing, very fluid and complete.

FAV TRACKS - Memorial ... read more
Jan 19, 2019
Best track in Portuguese history of music. I mean the mix of pizzicato and slapping from the bassist Rui Taborda is astonishing. The theme is very deep,its about chewing gums and the society we have now. That establishes a comparation to how we consume things too fast without giving it a single thought. The guitar is also very well written even if the guitarist has as much of a timing problem as I do, which brings tears to my eyes. The solo is legendary. I would put it higher than stairway to ... read more
Jan 19, 2019
Hell yes 2019 barely even started and I was already thinking that it needs some nu-metal mixed with poor electronic elements. Thank You,,,,, Papa Roach. But really, go back in time and release this in like 2007 you'll get so much more love. Also, good visuals on spotify.
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